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Journal truthsearch's Journal: 10 Mod Points? 12

I just got 10 mod points for the first time. I've been on /. for around 8 years and never heard of anyone getting 10. Is this a new feature or are they just letting me know what a great moderator I am?

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10 Mod Points?

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  • Its the new coolness. Wield them well.

    "I am become Moderator, destroyer of Karmas."

  • I get mod points regularly, too, and I only got 5 at the moment. As I don't check the dot daily duiring the week, I can't tell when I got those, so they might as well have rolled out the 10-point-contingents since I got mine.
    • I'm wondering if there's some new criteria, like accounts that are X years old get 10 points while newer get 5. Or if my karma score internally is a high number and passed some threshold.
      • I got 10 mod points abouts a week ago. And yes, I was wondering why I got 10 points instead of the normal 5.
        • So, obviously it's not account age (my UID is lower than yours), or I've just gotten my points a bit too early. It's been *ages* since I've been M2'ed as "unfair", so that's out of the equation, too...

          Let's see how many points I get next time, then we know. ;)
        • I just got 10 as well, and found this thread via Google. I always seem to get them when I don't have much time to spend reading articles and comments. Some times it's tough to use five before they expire. Oh well, guess I'd better get moderating.
          • I just got new pod points. 5 modpoints this time, maybe because I didn't use the 10 modpoints from the previous batch.
            • I wonder if they're just tossing them out here and there, different people each time.

              My cursory Google search for "10 mod points" at Slashdot only turned up posts in the past couple of months. It seems to be a recent phenomenon.

              • I just got my second consecutive batch of 10 mod points. So who knows. Eventually we'll see a comment somewhere by Taco explaining it. He does update the FAQ once every 5 years.
                • I just got 10 again, and my last batch expired just five days ago. I don't think I even managed to use them all last time.

                  Taco ... does update the FAQ once every 5 years.

                  No kidding. I suppose we could also wait for Slashdot's 25th anniversary. There's bound to be another round of navel-gazing articles when that rolls aroupnd ;)
    • I'm now on my second batch of 10 points... it really confused me the other day when I got them for the first time. Is it a new feature, a bug, or just a case of the system giving you 5 points, then 5 more before you use the first set up?

      It's quite a shame though; whenever I get mod points there never seem to be any articles I know anything about or are interested in reading... I try not to use them as "+1 I agree", but I figure it's important to at least know a little about the subject at hand, so I can at
      • That's funny because I usually only use my mod points for articles I'm less interested in or know less about. Some posts are more "interesting", "informative", and "insightful" to me when I know less about the topic. Plus I tend to comment on many articles I'm interested in, so that would conflict with my moderation.

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