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Journal truthsearch's Journal: Seen On Slash Hits 2000 Slashdot Comments 3

It's a few weeks short of two years since we began Seen On Slash to collect the best Slashdot comments. Today we hit 2000 comments collected. Thanks for your great submissions! They keep me laughing every day.

Top 10 Slashdot users with the most comments Seen on Slashdot:
204 Anonymous Coward
21 Tackhead
10 eln
9 kfg
9 Rob T Firefly
8 gEvil (beta)
7 Kadin2048
7 LiquidCoooled
7 spun
7 User 956

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Seen On Slash Hits 2000 Slashdot Comments

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  • I usually hit the site once a week, always a funny comment or a worthwhile thread I missed out on originally.
    • Thanks! Most of our visitors are daily or weekly regulars. I read /. every day but still find lots of gems I missed posted to Seen on Slash.
      • I finally posted one not too long ago, but I think I need to start doing more. I just don't always think of it...

        Thanks though for th site!

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