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Submission + - SCOTUS: Clean Air Act Trumps Emissions Lawsuits (reuters.com) 1

schwit1 writes: The Supreme Court on Monday rejected a global warming lawsuit against five big power companies, its most important environmental ruling since 2007 and a victory for the utilities and the Obama administration.

The justices unanimously overturned a ruling by a U.S. appeals court that the lawsuit now involving six states can proceed in an effort to force the coal-burning plants to cut emissions of gases that contribute to climate change.

In a defeat for environmentalists, the Supreme Court agreed with the companies that regulating greenhouse gases should be left to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) under the clean air laws.

The ruling stemmed from a 2004 lawsuit claiming the five electric utilities have created a public nuisance by contributing to climate change. The lawsuit wanted a federal judge to order them to cut their carbon dioxide emissions.

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Submission + - ICANN opens flood gates for URL names (wsj.com)

LPCalendarGirl writes: ICANN will be opening the flood gates for URL names, some reaching as much as $185,000. The free for all begins Jan 1, 2012 when applications will be accepted for a four month period. Even domain names aren't required, yes no "." is required. Will you apply for a new URL?

Comment Re:Snake Oil (Score 2, Interesting) 271

They didn't even need to do that for this demo. They "pre-charged" it using WiFi, with no indication of how long it took to charge. They probably had to have the prototype built back in June or July and set it right next to a dedicated access point dialed up to "11" since then to get enough charge to top a Blackberry from 30% to 100%.

If they're really lucky, they'll have the SAME device recharged for CES next year and it can charge a Blackberry from 0% to 100%. They'll have to have 4-5 more access points dedicated to charging it, of course, for the entire year.

Kind of expensive for a device that can pull maybe $1 worth of electricity each YEAR. It's got an 40-year ROI, and it'll probably last about 3.

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