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Comment Re:vGPU seems cool (Score 5, Informative) 60

My understanding is that it is more extensive: PCI(mostly 'e' these days) passthrough allows you to assign a physical device to a VM; but the device can't be shared: if a given piece of hardware is being passed through to one of the guests, none of the other guests or the host OS can use it.

This 'virtual GPU' stuff is supposed to make allocating GPU resources between VMs closer to how it is with CPU time or memory, where all the guests and the host can't exceed the capabilities of the machine they are running on; but they can all have access, with relatively modest overhead, to the same device.

I don't know if things work as pleasantly as desired yet; but in principle it should be a lot more convenient than full device passthrough. Especially in cases where you might be interested in the GPU for its computational capabilities, video transcoder, etc.

Comment Re:Why not blame the manufacturer? (Score 1) 164

If you think that finding a vendor that doesn't keep cutting battery life/SD card slots/headphone jacks/basic safeguards against electrical fire in order to make it thinner, cheaper, or both is hard; just try to find one that ensures sufficient borated polyethylene(with something else to sop up the resulting gamma rays) or other neutron shielding into their products.

There probably are some, making bits for nuclear reactors and industrial, scientific, and medical users of neutron sources; but it's a niche.

Comment Re:"Windows sails on serenely" (Score 2, Funny) 104

Wow. Way to go presenting a calm, clear and coherent argument against the entrenched install base of Windows and showing people that Linux is a viable alternative.

He only just made his Slashdot account on Monday. He hasn't yet learned the value of calm, objective commentary the way you and I have.

Comment Re:LibreOffice? (Score 5, Informative) 88

You can definitely embed Windows Metafile images in LibreOffice on Windows; but I'm not entirely sure if that is enough to make it vulnerable. WMF is dangerous because it is basically a package of GDI function calls, which might be good for efficiency or compactness; but has led to a number of creative and executable things being shoehorned in(as in this case; and repeatedly over the years).

However, there are several image handling libraries that can render or convert WMF images without access to GDI; so in those cases GDI bugs wouldn't be a problem(though you probably have other things to worry about).

This Libreoffice VCL documentation suggests that LibreOffice uses its own VCL WMF filters; but I sure wouldn't bet anything remotely important on that without testing it first; or knowing rather more about how LibreOffice is put together.

Comment Re:Facts don't agree with you (Score 1) 60

I heard you fine and gave you facts to back my claim, which in turn discounts yours. You even admit that evidence shows that you are empirically wrong, yet still attempt to claim that AI will make a difference. No, it won't. Just like Robot Wars, AI Racing will have a tiny number of people watching, and most of those will be gone as soon as the novelty wears off. There are facts to back my claim, and those facts run counter to yours. Why not look at total TV viewers for Robotwars versus Nascar or Formula One. Look at Robotwars ratings over time. There is a reason they went to a single show with condensed fights even though those fights lasted days.

Comment Re:Ways around this (Score 1) 432

American border patrol was just given authority to conduct is security theatre in Canadian airports too

There is one subtle difference doing it in Canada though and that is while Canadian law requires you to tell the truth you have the option to withdraw from the process at any time and not enter the US. Hence if you are asked for your phone you can choose to decline but then you will not be allowed to travel to the US. This is actually quite a sensible arrangement: countries should be free to set their entrance requirements and foreign travelers should be free to decline to travel there if they do not like them. The problem is that if you come from Europe you are already in the US and declining leads to arrest and detention not just denied entry and a return flight home.

Comment Facts don't agree with you (Score 2) 60

If you had bothered to read my whole post you would have seen I mentioned specifically Robot wars. Ratings were mediocre at best on a mediocre market channel. Racing has a massive fan base, sell out crowds across the globe, massive amounts of funding for product spokespersons, massive sponsor contracts and awards.

If human risk was not an issue in drawing and maintaining crowds then you need to explain a continued success of boxing, UFC, Xtreme Games, The Blue Angels and Redbull extreme flying events, various forms of racing. While people don't necessarily root for injury Football, Basketball, Hockey, and Baseball all have large elements of human risk. That risk may not be the whole reason for professional sports popularity, but to deny it's a factor is an outright lie.

Comment Re:Death To All Jews (Score 1) 903

But why should there be a risk?

It's newsworthy is PDP turned out to actually be a white supremist or somesuch, given his following. But that's clearly not the case here. This was simply "PDP did something tasteless, like so many of his videos", not even newsworthy.

But it's not about truth or what newsworthy, is it? It's about forwarding the narrative, and punishing the heretics. And only that.

Comment Re: 3 years probation (Score 5, Insightful) 139

I agree that American police break down doors in far too many instances when they shouldn't, but you need to quit being so dramatic. They got a credible report of a hostage situation - they SHOULD roll up armed

The correct response to a reported hostage situation is absolutely not to have a bunch of over-armed thugs in mall-ninja gear kick down the door. The correct response is a negotiator, a sniper, some normal cops in vests, and patience. You know, how SWAT teams worked before the cops starting playing soldier.

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