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Journal Journal: Our handy-dandy Fear-O-Meter's true functionality 1

Has anyone besides me noticed the interesting correlation between the colors of the "Homeland Security Advisory System" (a.k.a.: color-coded terror alert level), and the colors that are now widely used to represent the political leanings of the states?
Political Affiliation:
Red = Republican
Blue = Democrat
Terror Alert Levels:
Red = Severe
Orange = High
Yellow = Elevated
Blue = Guarded
Green = Low

And here's the interesting bit: the greater the perceived threat from terrorism, the more public support leans toward Republicans. As the fear of terrorism subsides, support for Democrats increases.

In a nutshell, the terror alert level accidentally describes (actually, dictates) the political climate in the U.S.: as the government moves the "terror alert" barometer towards Red, Republicans gain support. As the terror alert lowers toward Blue, Democrats gain support.

If I were in a position of power in the government, I might have noticed this obvious correlation sooner. Were I a less principled individual in the same position, I might be inclined to abuse that correlation for political gain.

However, I am not in a position of power in the government. And I haven't previously noticed this peculiar phenomenon.

But I'll bet Karl Rove has.
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Journal Journal: When Metamodding becomes painful

The only times I've found metamoderation to be a curse is on that rare occasion when I stumble across some brilliant, +11 insightful comment/thread that's so intelligent, so articulate, so absolutely perfect that I simply must respond.

And that is when I discover the "discussion has been archived" label at the top of the page. Meaning, too bad, so sad, you snoozed, you lose.

So, here are a couple of interesting links anyway:

Been there, done that
Gasp! Actual logic and reasoning!!
Here there be trolls
Spontaneous gathering of the old gods & poseurs
Angelina Jolie cost/benefit analysis

Ok, thatsnuff.


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