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Comment Re:Ah, minimialism (Score 1) 521

Regardless of how more functional the Apple strip is compared to Lenovo, it shares the same fundamental problem of no/crappy haptic feedback when actually using it as an extra row of keys (for things like Esc and F1-12). Which makes working on that part of it much more difficult than on a normal keyboard. I speak from experience, as I've been using that very Thinkpad model for over a year now.

Comment Re:Making sense (Score 1) 245

Universal apps are about way more than just phones. Excluding those, it's still desktop/tablet/Xbox. And even if it were just desktop, they're still worthwhile - it's a chance to finally clean up 35 years of accumulated API and ABI cruft in the ecosystem.

Also, Win10 does do exactly what you describe, with separate "tablet" and "desktop" modes; and it operates a lot more like Win7 than Win8 in desktop mode - all apps are windowed with the usual resizing etc behavior, start menu is a proper non-full screen menu, all swipe-from-edge widgets are replaced proper buttons to click on etc. It looks different mostly because of the flat style - I bet if you could reskin it to look like Win7, few people would even notice the difference.

Comment Re: No you don't (Score 1) 245

The trick about Windows 10 phones is that you can literally plug a keyboard and mouse into them, and use them as a low-powered desktop.

Of course, the real limitation there is software - since it's still an ARM device, it's limited to Windows Store apps only. Although that's still good enough for plain word processing.

Comment Re:Hmm (Score 1) 1003

One interesting theory is that Putin did want 1941 to happen again - in a sense of forcing US and Europe to overcome their disdain for his politics, and accept him for the sake of a military alliance against some kind of "absolute evil", that was supposed to be ISIS. Hence, Syria.

Didn't quite work out that way, and now he's just playing with the hand that he has.

Comment Re:Hmm (Score 1) 1003

No, he is 100% correct on that particular point:

"were much worse towards their population than towards foreigners"

Communists indeed do far worse to Russia than to any country occupied by the USSR. Well, perhaps except Ukraine. Just in terms of sheer body count alone; but on most other metrics as well - Eastern European countries that were controlled by the Soviets generally had "better" socialism (better quality of goods, more tolerance for low-scale commerce etc).

Comment Re:Absentee ballots enable vote buying (Score 2) 143

You would think so at first glance, but when you vote by absentee ballot nobody knows you're voting that way. If your boss tells you to vote a certain way or lose your job, you can tell him you vote in person and can't take a photo of your ballot.

Of course if you're selling your vote, absentee ballots make sense. But in that case, you're just an idiot who would probably make a poor choice on your own anyway.

I've voted absentee since the late 70s. If I didn't tell anybody I voted that way, nobody would ever know.

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