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Submission + - Cisco, Google, others push IETF to tackle cloud security (

alphadogg writes: Proponents of a common scheme for managing user identity in cloud-based applications will pitch their idea to the IETF at its meeting in Paris later this month. A specification already exists for Simple Cloud Identity Management (SCIM) that is supported by security software vendors including Cisco, Courion and Ping Identity, and cloud vendors such as Google and At issue is whether SCIM will become an IETF-approved working group and eventually an industry standard. Proponents say the protocol will make it easier for companies to control access to data stored in popular cloud-based applications like Salesforce, Workday, Taleo and Box.

Submission + - Toyota doesn't need rare earths for electric motor (

An anonymous reader writes: Rare earths are used in many of the gadgets we all own including TVs, laptops, tablets and smartphones. They are also used in the manufacture of electric vehicles, and more specifically electric motors–an industry that is set to grow quickly over the coming years.

Tech companies have so far resigned themselves to having no alternative, and therefore having to pay the high price of getting the rare earths they need. Toyota has taken a different approach, though. It has set about researching alternatives to the neodymium and dysprosium rare earth metals it currently uses for electric motor production. The end result is it can now do without them, potentially cutting the cost of manufacture and solving the supply issues, depending on what the replacement is of course.


Submission + - Nukes Not Needed in Japan (

mdsolar writes: "The [Japanese] government withheld an estimate that there would be no electricity shortages in the upcoming summer in an apparent bid to underscore the need to restart nuclear power plants, it has been learned.
Instead of announcing the realistic estimate, the government announced last summer that electric power supply in the summer of 2012 "will be about 10 percent short across the country." Furthermore, the released government estimate greatly downplayed the supply of renewable energy, disregarding the country's actual energy status.
"The released government estimate stresses the need to resume operations of nuclear power plants by underestimating the actual supply capacity," a concerned source has told the Mainichi."


Submission + - Irish student fails in case against newspapers, fo (

An anonymous reader writes: An Irish High Court judge has dismissed claims that national newspapers breached the terms of injunctions obtained by a Dublin student arising out of postings accompanying an internet video clip The student earlier in the week obtained temporary injunctions against a number of internet firms, including Facebook and Google, arising out of the broadcast of the video clip, accompanying text and a Facebook profile alleging he was guilty of taxi-fare evasion. The student, who the court found was innocent of the allegations as he was in Japan studying at the time of taxi incident. (

Submission + - Google's Mad Men Star in Search Plus Your World Ad

theodp writes: A search for 'awesome things' in the online ad for Google's new Search Plus Your World finds — surprise — awesome Google Creative Lab employees. Google also tapped its 'Mad Men' — internal and external ad agency types — to portray happy Google+ users in other testimonials for its more-like-real-life social network, including one Larry Page shared to introduce Google+ Pages, where loyal customers in the Hangout for Zen Bikes are Google Creative Lab employees and ad agency staffers. The cast of the touching Sharing But Like Real Life national TV commercial was also chock full of Google advertising and marketing staffers. Google presumably knows where to draw the line so they do-no-FTC-evil, but one wonders how the ads would sit with the already-Google-obsessed FTC, who warned 'Advertisers should not pass themselves off as ordinary consumers touting a product, and endorsers should make it clear when they have financial connections to sellers.'

Submission + - Arise SIR Jonathan Ive ( 1

mariocki writes: Steve Jobs' go-to design man Jonathan Ive, the creator of modern computer design classics such as the iMac, MacBook Pro and iPod/iPhone/iPad, has been awarded a knighthood in the New Year's Honours list taking him from plain old "Mr" straight to "Sir" in one fell swoop. This now puts him in the same league as Paul McCartney, Michael Caine, Bob Geldof and Bill Gates.
Ive said "I discovered at an early age that all I've ever wanted to do is design" and even for Apple haters his designs have done more for personal computer design than the mainstream PC manufacturers could imagine, taking the PC from the geek den into the living room of even the most painfully trendy fashionista.

The Internet

Submission + - VeriSign Puts Domain Names Tally on the Internet a (

hypnosec writes: There are almost 220 million registered domain names on the web, a new report released by VeriSign has revealed. The company informed that the internet grew by 2.3 per cent or 4.9 million domain names in the third quarter of 2011 when compared to the previous quarter. VeriSign revealed that compared to the same quarter last year [PDF], there had been an increase of 8.9 per cent or 18 million domain names, the main reason behind which seems to be the growth of country code top level domains (ccTLD).

Submission + - How to deal with blog thieves? 3

mminella writes: It was recently brought to my attention that some of my blog posts are being copied by other people's blogs. Letter for letter, even linking to the images on my server. What does the community recommend as a way to address this? I know there are things I could do with the image with regards to redirects, but beyond that. Any course of action recommendations? Thanks!

Submission + - New Discovered Earliest Document Shows Tower Of Ba (

smitty777 writes: The recent discovery of the Tower of Babel stele by a team of scholars shows what might be the earliest depiction of the ancient Tower of Babel. The stele belongs to Martin Schøyen, who also owns a large number of pictographic and cuneiform tablets, some of the earliest known written documents. The tablet also contains a depiction of King Nebuchadnezzar II, a time when Babylon was a cultural leader in astronomy, mathematics, literature and medicine. It's also interesting to note the somewhat recent Slashdot article linking the common ancestry of languages to this area.

Submission + - The Entourage Edge Dual Screen Tablet isn't Dead (

An anonymous reader writes: If you were following gadget news earlier this year then you probably noticed the Entourage Pocket Edge going on Clearance. This was a dual screen tablet with a 7" LCD screen and a 6" E-ink screen. The Pocket Edge was going on sale because the company was folding, so you'd probably expect never to hear about the gadget again. But it looks like the Edge has been resurrected in Russia.

Entourage had a partner in Russia, and that company is still making the larger Edge model, which had a 9.7" E-ink screen and a 10" LCD screen. They've even been testing it in Russian schools, with a number of pilot programs this school year and last. The Russian Edge is being marketed for the academic market, and it's selling for $700.

Would you buy one, if you could?


Submission + - Microsoft Tag gives in and adds QR and NCF (

mikejuk writes: Microsoft has added support for QR codes to Tag, its mobile barcoding service. It has also added the ability to read Near Field Communication (NCF) signals. The addition can be regarded as as tacit admission by Microsoft that its fancy new colour coded Tag barcodes aren’t as widely used as the traditional QR (Quick Response) codes, and may never catch up with this market leader. On the other hand it is nice when Microsoft starts to support non-Microsoft technology for what ever reason.

Submission + - Ubisoft Blames Piracy for Non-Release of PC Game ( 2

Azmodan writes: Ubisoft is known for laying the blame for many problems on the unauthorized downloading of its games. Stanislas Mettra, creative director of the upcoming game ‘I Am Alive,’ confirms this once again by saying that the decision not to release a PC version is a direct result of widespread game piracy. However, those who look beyond the propaganda will see that there appears to be more to the story than that.

Submission + - The Bidding for Palm, and HP's strange obsession f (

ryzvonusef writes: VentureBeat's (typically unnamed) sources identifies Intel and Qualcomm as being involved in these talks for acquiring the Palm asset portfolio. However, citing sources intimate with HP's negotiations, it reports that the company wants to be able to license webOS back for use in printers,½Â" it wants it so much, in fact, that the issue has become "a crucial part" of discussions. Maybe there's something about webOS and printers that HP knows and the rest of the world doesn't.

Submission + - The Land of the Censored (

PerlJedi writes: "While our government cries out against other countries censoring their people's access to the internet, it is also busy passing legislation to allow it to do just that to us. The EFF is urging people to take action by sending email to their representatives in the house and senate expressing displeasure with the bill's.
"The government would be able to force ISPs and search engines to redirect or dump users' attempts to reach certain websites' URLs"

Though its jhust "Piracy" today, its a slippery slope from "Stop Piracy" to "Stop any anti-establishment sentiment".

And if that's not bad enough, the version in the house "SOPA" could sanction any site that doesn't "take sufficient action to prevent" such unwanted activities."

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