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Comment Re:A little late on this article... (Score 0) 137

You're a butthurt fag, aren't you? You're so hurt, I want to suck your cock and make it better.

Oh, yes, gay sex. stinky pubes and hairy anuses chock full of bacteria. We're both filthy, filthy Mac users! We're so filthy that we use white computers. Filthy, filthy gay sex.

Comment Re:Misleading (Score 2) 137

So you're some fit 6'2" tall stud who runs 2 miles daily, and then you collapse.

You wake up and find yourself in the hospital with a malignant growth in your brain. Or perhaps your equally healthy daughter had a freak aneurysm, or possibly pathogenic meningitis contracted from the filthy dorm she moved into* . Shit happens. That overweight inner-city welfare queen who miraculously never caught anything worse than a cold now has to underwrite your genetic weakness or stroke of bad luck.

Aw, shit, I've been trolled again. But that doesn't make my post any less true.

* True story

Comment Re:great book! (Score -1, Troll) 239

People say the same about Harry Potter and Twilight. Those people should be smacked in their mouths with a rolled-up newspaper.

Look, if you're here, the assumption is that you are an adult or literate high-school upperclassman. You've probably been exposed to real literature and you know how to sling multisyllabic words, so shouldn't you be promoting a series that is a little less "Dick and Jane?" I've seen better books in special ed classes. Hunger Games makes L. Ron Hubbard sound like Gore Vidal.

Why go through all the trouble reading the Harry Potter or Hunger Games series when you could read Dr. Seuss's books and become three times as enriched in a fraction of the time? If you want to read something short and pithy without looking like a moron, you should try Tom Wolfe, David Sedaris, or even any magazine more than 8 bucks.

Comment Re:Whatever... (Score 1) 182

You said:

In fact, my PS2 and PS1 also work. So does my...NES...

Hehheehawhah. How many hours do you spend blowing into and reseating the cartridge before the game actually plays properly?

Oh, whoops, somebody's hand accidentally brushed against the console, causing garbled characters and blinking screens. Better start the game all over again...hufff....pufff.....huffffffff.......puffffffff.....FUCK!

Dammit, let's play monopoly instead...because emulators don't count.

Don't get me wrong, NES is my first (and still only) love, but the bitch has aged terribly.

Comment Re:Musicians demand loudness (Score 5, Interesting) 382

I never noticed that back when I actually listened to CD's, until recently when my friend played Metallica's steaming pile of shit album Death Magnetic in his truck.

It sounded so loud and compressed, as if it were all played through a powerful and well designed portable radio with a 1.5" speaker.

Sigh, at least I can still depend on classical music recordings to have that quaint ol' thing called dynamic range.

Comment Re:Ars Technica Lnk (Score 5, Insightful) 385

Bullshit. The middlemen (pimps) would be taken out of the equation entirely because prostitutes would be empowered to have total control over their enterprise, as they do on craigslist and other sites.

Legalizing prostitution increases profits (not having to pay a pimp), allowing women or men to "vet" their dates in advance(the high-class prostitutes are frequently grad students who target single and successful dorks like you for $400 per session) and eliminates violence and urban blight by shifting the acts to private residences.

But like the lazy, brutish, and entirely misguided crackdowns on Marijuana; legalized prostitution ain't gonna fly in Ammurika anytime soon, especially with loonies like Santorum seriously considered candidates for president.

Comment Re:microsoft and their credibility (Score 5, Funny) 171

My employer is a Microsoft shop. Microsoft Windows Seven optimizes my productivity with its new context-sensitive search. Microsoft Office allows me to quickly compose documents and spreadsheets of arbitrary complexity.

It is no surprise that Excel is being used for engineering given its power and flexibility. Hell, a shop I worked for used Excel as its database.

Now let's get down the the nitty-gritty - Visual Studio is one of the most powerful IDEs on the face of the planet. You want power? You got it. You want speed? You got it. You want both? It empowers you, the ninety-pound weakling, with both, with minimal effort. I got a raise because I used Visual Studio. I got my dick sucked by my boss' hottest secretary because I wrote an patch in C# that prevented our ERP system from total meltdown.

Why be some boring open-source ODBC slob when you can be fast. Quick. Nimble. Packing.

Be potent. Be Microsoft.

Comment Re:If I were to find one... (Score 1, Interesting) 222

Yeah, it sucks. The snooping is a natural result of voyeurism perceived as normal in this society. Reality TV and social networking are proof that people are willing to give up their privacy for attention, and so people wishing to dig into private details feel that it is the norm rather than the exception. Dignity and respect of privacy no longer have meaning in this society.

All of the phones used in the experiment were "smartphones." What model of smartphone? Would people feel compelled to steal and reprogram these phones for their own use if they were not so flashy and overfeatured? Do people really need the always-on connectivity and eye candy that smartphones provide? Are they really so important that they cannot wait to get to their workplace to do business? Obviously not, because if they were important, then their employer would accommodate their desire to not have to be tied to the job 24/7.

My phone is not smart. It does not have a touchscreen, but it has a camera and can take videos. It has limited internet ability. Yet, if my phone was stolen, I would not fret because it is ugly, scraped-up, and the worst a theif will find is a picture of me sucking on a Mexican titty. Nobody would want to steal that piece of shit. And I'm fine with that.

Comment Re:Final Fantasy 7 (Score 1) 350

Cloud Strife was a fraud, a sham. Aeris had no personality. Seeing her slaughtered was almost as funny as watching Leonardo DiCaprio sink into the water and the end of Titanic. FF7's ending sucked. And if Sephiroth's Super Nova exploded all of the planets and the sun, then how did everybody survive long enough to kill him and end up living on the planet afterward?

Yeah, sure, it was "groundbreaking." You want to know what "groundbreaking" means to me? I remember ejaculating in my pants seeing Final Fantasy II (American) for the first time on an SNES. Whoa, mode 7 graphics in the opening sequence. An actual plot, with real designed characters instead of generic throwaways. When you would hit a monster, each damage digit would be staggered from the next and "bounce" into place. That's groundbreaking, motherfucker.

Aeris dying? Hahaha. I cried when Tellah gave his life, casting the Meteo spell to save the party.

Comment Re:Yes... (Score -1, Offtopic) 45

The outlook is dim. Americans can't find jobs and are sleeping on the streets, and for some reason they don't care. They aren't doing anything about it. They believe that this upcoming joke of an election will magically solve all of their problems along with their pet issues. GO ANON!

I will listen now. After your father's murder, you were orphaned. You were ten years old. You went to live with cousins on a sheep and horse ranch in Montana. And...?
Clarice Starling: [tears begin forming in her eyes] And one morning, I just ran away.
Hannibal Lecter: No "just", Clarice...Then something woke you, didn't it? Was it a dream? What was it?
Clarice Starling: I heard a strange noise.
Hannibal Lecter: What was it?
Clarice Starling: It was... screaming. Some kind of screaming, like a child's voice.
Hannibal Lecter: What did you do?
Clarice Starling: The lambs were screaming.
Hannibal Lecter: They were slaughtering the spring lambs, and you ran away?
Clarice Starling: No. First I tried to free them. I... I opened the gate to their pen, but they wouldn't run. They just stood there, confused. They wouldn't run.
Hannibal Lecter: But you could and you did, didn't you?
Clarice Starling: Yes. I took one lamb, and I ran away as fast as I could...
Hannibal Lecter: What became of your lamb, Clarice?
Clarice Starling: They killed him.
Ethanol-fueled: They killed the lamb because those dumb, dumb motherfuckers just stand there, with glassy eyes, readily accepting the fate shoved up their asses because they are too weak to control their destinies.

Comment Re:Onion (Score 5, Insightful) 111

Heh, you're funny.

So to go down to 10,000 feet below sea level, you'd essentially need ten shells, each with a valve, with each shell becoming a point of failure. And that's more of an ideal situation, not taking into account how you're gonna get shit in and out of the vessel.

I work in this industry(shoutout to DeepSea Power and Light, here in San Diego), and we used pressurized oil to add structural integrity to certain electronic components. In fact, it was even mentioned in the article.

You could have one onion layer of super-high pressurized oil, but it would essentially behave like a solid which could be pushed into the inner shell. Shit, why not, oh, just have one shell designed to withstand the pressure? Or, better yet, fill the whole vessel with oil pressurized to 1000 bar? That'll show those damn skeptics.

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