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Comment Re:Slackware is still systemd free. (Score 1) 241

Although no official statements (to the best of my knowledge) to the effect that Slackware will never have systemd have been made, it's a pretty safe bet that if Slackware ever does start using systemd, Bob will be leaving Slackware and forking it into another systemd-free distro so fast that I expect nobody else will be able to tell which was the cause and which was the effect.

Comment Beginning of the end (Score 3, Funny) 73

If this technology escapes the lab this would be the ultimate weed. Sucking out all of the CO2 out of the air and killing off crops. This is an Interstellar type disaster scenario. Finally the Global Warming alarmists have gone too far. Till now they were only threatening our economic wellbeing. Now they are going to kill the planet.
Time to finally get rid of the Global Warming alarmists.

Comment Porn (Score 1) 192

Porn has driven the progress of the WWW. Porn sites have been early adaptors of almost every web technology and they have stress tested every tech.
The progress of 3D tech will progress on the printing of sex toys (many people are embaressed to buy sex toys and would rather print the same)

Comment Re:Top down decision (Score 1) 251

I actually don't favor government surveillance nor a lack of privacy... I just don't automatically assume that the mere possibility of such in a cashless society would necessarily result in either. By similar reasoning, I don't assume that the fact I might be enabling the chance I could get hit by a car on my way to work by walking to the bus stop that is 5 blocks away and having to cross a very busy road on the way is necessarily going to result in my getting hit by a car either.

My point, however, remains... that the original assumption that I was trying to address about who would favor a cashless society is incorrect, as I neither work for the bank or government, nor do I have any incentive to see either achieve any particular gain through a cashless society.

Of course, it's probably so much simpler to just throw labels around at people that you disagree with rather than to realize that a motivation in someone else might be driven by factors that are not so trivially categorized.

Comment Re:GB is doing it, China is doing it (Score 1) 75

Over the last 35 years... This demonstrates the strength of authoritarianism... But things are rapidly changing, and beginning to show the downside of authoritarianism.

Funny, I thought the downside of authoritarianism was shown during the period immediately proceeding the 35-year one you mentioned. Did the Chinese (or any other government, for that matter) learn nothing from the Cultural Revolution?

Submission + - Virginia spent over half a million on cell surveillance that mostly doesn't work (

v3rgEz writes: In 2014, the Virginia State Police spent $585,265 on a specially modified Suburban outfitted with the latest and greatest in cell phone surveillance: The DRT 1183C, affectionately known as the DRTbox. But according to logs uncovered by public records website MuckRock, the pricey ride was only used 12 times — and only worked 7 of those times. Read the full DRTbox documents at MuckRock.

Submission + - Detecting Advanced Threats (on the cheap) with Sysmon (

concanno writes: Thinking about Sysmon as a host-based sensor for strategic hunting and advanced behavioral detection capability is where things get really exciting.

What makes Sysmon a powerful sensor for both hunting as well as advanced threat detection is the nature of the events it collects. The primary and most powerful event is the Process Creation event. With this single event we can see every process that runs on every host that has Sysmon installed in our environment.

What makes these Process Creation events even more powerful is that they contain both the command line for the process itself as well as the parent process and its command line. This is especially powerful because we can look for things like an application such as Winword.exe launching cmd.exe or powershell.exe. With a single event from Sysmon, we can detect advanced attacker behavior, such as the above example, where a Microsoft Word exploit runs some command line activity to create a backdoor and establish persistence.

Combining the power of Sysmon with an advanced analytics platform, such as Splunk, or the open source Elastic Stack (formerly known as the ELK Stack), unlocks an extremely powerful and potentially low-cost means to power hunting operations, detect advanced threats in your environment, and provide an always-on source of forensic data in the case of an incident response.

Submission + - An Emacs Lisp JIT Compiler Released (

kruhft writes: An Emacs Lisp JIT compiler has been released showing a 25% speedup improvement with the benchmarked raytracer. Using libjit, it 'compiles down the spine' of the bytecode vectors, moving the overhead of the interpreter loop into the hardware execution unit. Work in progress, but a good start on speeding up emacs overall. Thoughts?

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