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Comment Re:Terms are too short (Score 1) 341

Major Legislation passed by Kennedy: Nothing

Major Legislation passed by LBJ: Civil Rights Act, Voting Rights Act, & the legislation tied to the Great Society

So yeah. IF you think the Civil Rights & Voting rights were among the most important pieces of legislation ever passed, then LBJ blows Kennedy (and many other presidents) out of the water.

Comment Re:Why couldn't he say this 10 years ago? (Score 1) 341

If he had written this book while in office for either President it would have A) gotten him fired and B) been news for a week till something else happened.

Half the posts about this story have been "duh, we all know this". But yet, it doesn't change. His taking a bullet would have only cost him his job an enacted no change. Look at Snowden. He squealed on the NSA and about all that has changed is that he can't live in the US anymore.

Comment Re:Terms are too short (Score 1) 341

The anti to that is if you can make a career out of being a politician, then you constantly make sure that you please the people who elect you so that they will do it again.

If you were limited to 1 term, then their would be nothing holding you to the people who elected you. Those elected would end up serving their own self interests - more blatantly then they do now - instead of the people.

Plus, to get ANYTHING done in Washington you ahve to know how to get it done. Rookies don't accomplish much because they don't know how it works. That's why Pres. Kennedy was a failure at passing legislation. He didn't know the ropes of Congress. IT's also why LBJ actually passed all of the legislation that Kennedy dreamed of passing. LBJ spent a lifetime in Congress and knew how the system worked.

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