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Journal toby's Journal: Obvious remarks 2

A: What I don't like about your beloved capitalist system is that to win big, you have to be dishonest.

B: There's no such thing as dishonesty in the free market. It is the perfect reward mechanism; it promotes enterprise, productivity, efficiency, and fitness to demand; while penalising laziness, mistakes, and failure to deliver what people want. The invisible hand is infallibly leading us to a perfect outcome.

A: Whether the system is perfect or not, whether one admits the possibility of a "free" uncorrupted market or not, isn't it self evident that whatever system we have rewards most those who are adapted to thrive within it? - Not those, for instance, whose motives may be social good?

B: The market rewards those who deserve to be rewarded. Survival of the fittest. Culling of the weak. Any other policy would be worse.

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Obvious remarks

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  • the end of capitalism while we watch and while they cover their eyes.

    First law of systems is that cancer is efficient and efficiency is a cancerous goal. Those who get hard over the last one percent are the first to be culled. There are only true riches in diversity.

In the realm of scientific observation, luck is granted only to those who are prepared. - Louis Pasteur