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Comment Re:Current U.S. corporate tax equally fraudulent (Score 1) 173

Bzzzzt. Thank you for playing, try again. If the Clinton Administration ran a surplus, then why did our national debt increase every year? It's increased every year since 1957. Don't fall for the "on budget deficit" trick; that takes a LOT of the spending off the books and makes the numbers pretty - but we still spent more than we brought in (and thus our debt increased - because we had to borrow to cover the balance).

Comment Re:I'll take the bait (Score 2) 24

The Location of data has what to do with its movement around the world?

It always exists in at least one place.

Even that is not a given. Think about a RAID5 spread over several legislations, where each hard drive is in another country. No legislation has control over a complete set of the information in the RAID5, and only if one reads a sector of it, its parts get requested in the different locations and combined to the real data. And only if all but one legislations agree, you are able to get the complete information, as the data from n-1 stripes can reconstruct the original.

Comment RSS is broken (Score 1) 101

Can't just replace kat.cr with kickass.cd, the RSS feed facility is badly broken.

RSS feeds seems to work at the top-level categories, but you can't turn your search results into an RSS feed anymore... Still got the RSS icon at the top of the page and in the META so your browser bar shows it. But both just show the same old HTML page instead of an RSS page:

e.g. http://kickass.cd/usearch/test...

Comment Re:Nothing of value was lost (Score 2) 39

Replacing Usenet with 8 million different web forums that I have to register with individually and use a different interface to read is not an improvement.

You don't have to visit any web forums to read them. Nearly every site has an RSS feed, and those which don't can be scraped and converted into RSS with something like Feed43.com.

I would HATE using my smart phone to read the news if it wasn't for RSS. /.'s mobile site is the single worst piece of crap I've ever seen. But with RSS I'm fortunately able to read any and every site out there, in a uniform "eBook"-like format.

You can read my RSS tips here:


Comment Re: Current U.S. corporate tax equally fraudulent (Score 1) 173

Well, if you don't cover overhead - but still pay for it - you end up losing money. At the end of the day, the sale price of all your products better add up to the costs of buying/making those products AND the cost of running your business. Or you lose money. That's the minimum price you can reasonably sell for unless you want to eventually go bankrupt.

Comment Re: FACT: (Score 1) 422

That's factually incorrect. George Washington has been a mediocre president, just like his military skills. His most valuable decision as president has been not wanting to become "benevolent dictator" for life and stepping down after two terms.

There have been much better presidents than him, he just was the first.

Comment Re:Current U.S. corporate tax equally fraudulent (Score 2) 173

Look up the 1957 Federal revenues per capita, and adjust for inflation. You'll find the revenues per capita today is a little over twice as much as that in 1957. While the nominal tax rates are lower - the effective tax rates now are considerably higher.

Note too that the last time the Federal Government actually ran a real surplus (meaning - no new debt because we paid for everything, didn't borrow to buy) was in 1957 with half the effective tax rate. Spending has gotten insanely out-of-hand, and the calls by Stiglitz and others to "raise more revenue" will just ensure spending accelerates even further. At least that's what history shows - as revenues increase, spending increases even faster.

Comment Re:Current U.S. corporate tax equally fraudulent (Score 1) 173

Profit is what's left after you've paid for the product. That's what is taxed at 39%. If you don't have any profit, you are right - you pay no taxes! Of course, you don't have any profit either... Oh and all those salaries that you "get to write off" do have income and FICA taxes applied to them.

Comment Re:oh if only... (Score 1) 244

It's actually a very beautiful mountain range to the West of Seattle, forming the break between the Pacific Ocean and Puget Sound. The Olympics are snow-capped year-round, rugged, house the wettest place in the lower 48 States (Hoh river forest), and some great mountain goat, elk, and deer hunting.

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