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Comment Re:Paid Informants=Planted Evidence (Score 1) 123

Yes really. Although they only get a portion of the haul, that's not how they pay informants.

If you read the article you'd see that's exactly how they paid informants.

Seems like somebody would have a pretty solid RICO case against the United States Federal government. And wouldn't that be interesting to see litigated in open court?

Comment Re:Bush's fault! (Score 2, Insightful) 123

The DEA was formed back in 1973, so Bush - and Clinton, and Bush 41, and Reagan, and Carter, and Ford - all inherited the DEA. But I'm waiting for this to be claimed as #FakeNews because it's damaging to the Obama Administration, and it seems like anything they don't like is rebranded as either Russian (which this cannot be - it is the US DEA) or #FakeNews...

Comment Re:How long (Score 1) 68

The split second decision is to "grit your teeth and keep driving" because swerving at speed to avoid an animal that will probably run the same direction you're swerving (toast usually lands on the floor with the butter side down law of the universe) will probably result in you flattening the animal anyway (Squirrel Squares by Road Ready Flat Snacks (TM)) and your car running into a tree, roadside obstacle, parked car, midget, donkey, midget donkey, parked midget, roadside carnival midget riding a donkey, etc.

I don't know why that sentence ended that way.


Comment Re:Reads Like An Ad (Score 1) 340

Fusion is still farther away than 10-15 years, probably further than 50.

Prediction is hard, especially about the future. So far, the contained fusion is not just an engineering problem, where we could predict how long it takes to solve it. It is so many little and big problems intertwined, that it might be working five years from now, because we just discover the missing part, or it might in 50 years still be an unsolved problem.

Comment Re:"Feel forced?" (Score 1) 411

Anyone in a city can order a taxi and they know what they are getting. With an Uber you may get one you may not, they may be surge pricing they may not.

Before you hail an Uber or Lyft, you know exactly how much the fare will be. Try telling me, before you step into a taxi, the exact price. In fact there are many areas where taxis bill based on "zones", and many people get screwed by the higher prices, when they could have walked a block and saved a lot of cash, but of course, they didn't know, and taxi companies don't want them to know.

When I have caught a taxi I walk to the nearest hotel and there are always several outside.

You need to get out of your bubble once in a while. In many places, you couldn't find a taxi if your life depended on it.

Comment Re:President Obama should heed his own words (Score 1) 496

They are actual convictions. And it is not exhaustive but just a sampling of documented, proven (in a court of law) cases of voter fraud. You can go and read up about each conviction if you dig - and you'll find they are actual events, actual voter fraud incidents, and all Democrat. Your move.

Comment Re:Snoop Doggy Dog (Score 1) 137

>In an online political discussion, one conservative complained about Obama's alleged excess snooping. I pointed out that Bush and Trump are pretty much pro-snoopers also.

I'm about as liberal as they come.

I am more than disappointed by Obama's expansion of domestic spying. I am also more than disappointed by Obama's removal of due process and Habeas Corpus - Tangerine Bolen is in my Facebook friends list (because she's a good friend of my wife).

This is her:


There are a shitload of us over on the left who are fucking pissed. It's not just conservatives.


Comment Compared to bananas (Score 4, Insightful) 109

It's nothing. One cubic meter of seawater weighs about 1026 kg. The same mass of bananas would have about 133,400 bequerels of radiation. This is about 4.4 MILLION times higher than what is being discussed here. So - if you're worried about the Fukushima radiation in the water off Oregon's coast, you better steer clear of the banana pile at the local grocery because it will bathe you with orders of magnitude more radiation.

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