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Comment Re:Great summary (Score 1) 532

I suspect the speed of light can appear variable but it really isn't due to it being tied to the medium through which it travels. This is definitely not my field and so my explanation may appear to be somewhat retarded but if you bounce it around in your brain you will see what i am trying to explain. Imagine the entire universe was one blurble in diameter so that light took 4 years to get from one side of the universe to the other. Now take that single blurble universe and wait a few years until that universe has now expanded and is two blurbles in diameter but it still consists of exactly the same contents only spread out(thinned out) over a wider area. I suspect that even though it is now much larger that light would still take 4 years to cross it. The reason we are unable to see and measure this effect is due to the inadequacy of our instruments and the massive distances and speeds involved. I nearly deleted this due to my inabilty to explain it properly but I will now look like a fool forever and that's OK

Comment Re:Not quite (Score 1) 837

This is like complaining about cigarette taxes. Why should anyone have to pay an artificially hiked price for tobacco? Well, that's because tobacco products cost society a huge amount of money in health care costs,

I have never believed that the financial 'burdens' on society caused by smokers is real. Either does this Australian senator who thanks the Australian smoking public for their forced financial contributions to a society that hates and maligns them unfairly. I once saw a very interesting chart showing the rise in lung cancers and it showed a very close correlation with above ground nuclear testing. I am not saying that that is what the cause of the massive spike in lung cancers that started in the fifties is but what does warrant investigation is why lung cancers are still increasing while simultaneously smoking is dropping off rapidly.

Comment Re:This is crazy... (Score 1) 301

I found that, like in the case of homophobia, the more virulently opposed peoples are, the more likely they are one themselves.

I might agree with most of what you said but the above was admitted to be a tactic to shut down open and vocal early opponents of societal acceptance of homosexuals. Anti-Gay people became seen as closet gays because of this PROPAGANDA so it shut them up as the majority of them considered homosexuality a shameful activity. Do you also believe caveman found their mates by knocking women unconscious and dragging them by their hair back to a cave? If so then you might be a victim of early feminist propaganda too.

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