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Comment Re:Simple Solution (Score 1) 18

The company claimed on official government forms for multiple years that the drug is a generic.

The drug, epinephrine, is generic. It is adrenaline, which your body produces naturally. There is no patent stopping generic injectors, but so far none have been approved by the FDA. Teva submitted an injector, but the FDA denied approval for reasons that are not clear.

Comment Re:If only we could stop the creation of smog... (Score 1) 145

it would give you enough power that hills wouldn't be a problem.

Having "enough power" is NOT the problem. DC motors produce plenty of power and plenty of torque at low speeds. The problem is that at those low speeds there is little back-EMF, so the only thing impeding the current is the resistance of the coils. So the motor gets you up the hill, but when you reach the top, the coils are hot, and the battery is empty. The problem is not power, but efficiency.

Comment Re:If only we could stop the creation of smog... (Score 1) 145

I'm not going to say for certain if you can design a motor to give you high enough torque at low speeds and also have high efficiency at high speeds, but you probably can.

Of course you can. That is trivial. All DC motors give high torque at low speeds and high efficiency at high speeds. In fact, they give the highest torque at zero speed. That is why a Tesla can go from 0 to 60 in 3.5 seconds. The problem is doing the opposite: high efficiency at low speed. DC motors are terrible at that.

Comment Thin sucks (Score 3, Insightful) 55

I'm sitting here looking at my nice Nexus 5x phone, that has a perfectly good 3.5mm jack on it. If I lose my earbuds, I can walk into most any store and buy absolutely adequate replacements for $10 or less. The Nexus 5 is already so thin that it felt funny in my hand and I had to buy a case for it that makes it thicker.

You think USB-C headphones that "will feature special multi-function processing units (MPUs)" are ever going to be $10?

Comment Re:If only we could stop the creation of smog... (Score 1) 145

They are? Even inverter drive motors?

Inverter drives are used with AC power supplies. Scooters use DC batteries and DC motors. So this doesn't even apply to the situation.

AC motors work best in fixed speed, fixed load situations, such as a fan, or a pump with a constant head. If run outside their spec, they will usually just stall (try sticking your finger in a fan, and it will just stop rather than pushing harder). An inverter can make an AC system more efficient under variable load and variable speed. But it will still be relatively inefficient if used far outside of its nominal range. If you ride an electric scooter up long and steep hills, you will soon have a hot motor and a dead battery.

Comment Re:If only we could stop the creation of smog... (Score 1) 145

it drives me crazy when they sweep up damp leaves and set them on fire. It is illegal and yet everyone does it.

Obvious solution: Rodrigo Duterte could declare that it is legal to shoot anyone burning leaves. After a few extra-judicial executions, you should notice the air quality improving.

Comment Re:If only we could stop the creation of smog... (Score 1) 145

If the scooters can regen, you'll get back most of the power on the descent.

It doesn't work that way. Electric motors are very inefficient when used in low speed / high torque situations, unless they are specifically geared for that. So most of the energy is used to heat up the coils rather than to climb the hill.

Comment Re:Funny thing is (Score 3, Insightful) 95

If I purchased their product, I've initiated a relationship with this company and I do not mind the follow up e-mail.

It isn't a "followup" since there is no human behind it, and there is generally no way to directly respond to the email. It is just machine generated spam, trying to generate a statistical response. If I receive one message, I delete it. If I receive another from the same vendor, I go to Amazon and give them a one-star review. If you do this too (and I hope you do) then do NOT mention the spam as a reason for the bad review. If you do that, Amazon will remove the review, since reviews must be about the product and not the company selling it. So just make something up instead.

If enough people do this, the spam will stop.

An even better solution would be for Amazon to allow the customers to opt out of having their email shared with vendors.

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