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Comment Re:Because Manufacturers Suck (Score 1) 84

Can you imagine having to wait for, say, Dell to OK to every package for your next "apt-get update"?

Except Dell will do just this if the update has anything to do with hardware, and in most server environments a lot of it does. I've done the dosey doe with Dell on their server platforms with drivers, debating whether my problems are due to the vendor-supplied drivers sucking or whether the Dell-provided drivers six months behind the OEM vendor are at fault.

I think the problem carriers worry about is unapproved software that effects their networks. My guess is this is pretty remote in reality. but shikata ga nai.

Comment Re:So, the gist of it is... (Score 3, Interesting) 154

More than a burner, they should coordinate their burners. Load them up with tantalizing information that wastes a ton of investigation time, but being careful not to have any actual prosecutor conspiracies.

Use burners with known weaknesses or backdoors and set them up with passcodes or weak encryption so they look legitimate but are easily broken with diagnostic software.

Emails about stuff supposedly buried in parks, or sunk in lakes at specific GPS coordinates. Treasure-map fantasies. Rent a storage space and decorate it with Independence Day decorations, but make it sound like it's full of anarchist equipment.

Bonus points if you can capture video streams of the Feds digging up a park or walking into a storage locker filled with decorations.

If you did it right, they might get tired of grabbing phones with the idea that they won't know which ones have real solid info and which ones will leave them chasing their tails.

Comment Re:I'm all over this (Score 1) 116

There's a whole world of people for whom the bargain side of everything matters more than the thing they got a bargain on.

My dad is like this -- he will always put up with inferior quality or drastically reduced choice if it saves him a buck and it really has nothing to do with his financial status. In fact, he often has broken or otherwise unusable things cluttering his life that he can't use but can't get rid of because he "spent good money on them"

Meanwhile, he spends so much time shopping for a low price that he doesn't have much time left to enjoy the thing he was looking for a bargain on or the experience is so degraded by low quality that he doesn't get any enjoyment out of it.

In terms of this, it's ridiculously expensive for an average at-home movie night. There's a million movie choices for $5 or less at home.

But there's a lot of ways I could see $30 being reasonable -- a big new movie for a group, people with kids who'd spend $30 on a babysitter alone, etc. It kind of doesn't have to be the greatest movie ever made, because it's about the larger experience. Sure, you could do it 6 months later when it hits Redbox, but by then the impetus is gone because it's just another title.

Comment Re:For the Republican readers (Score 1) 336

Ok I won't.

here's a few..
1. he promised to repeal PATRIOT. Instead he renewed it.
2. He promised to end gitmo style detainment. He didn't.
3. He supported modern 'intersectional' social justice with all its hypocrisy.
4. He imposed obamacare which doubled my monthly healthcare costs. The double whammy is that now it's mandatory, so if I'm ever in financial dire straits I can't cut my coverage down or completely in order to put food on the table or pay rent. The state now decides what that ratio must be.
5. His lax policy on immigration (which wasn't always the case btw).
6. His pro infinite-copyright stance. (which trump probably shares)
7. abandoned any pretense of government transparency

Comment Re:For the Republican readers (Score 1) 336

I did say he was incompetent.

No they didn't vote for him based on religion. That was not a major point of his campaign, though he did try to pay lip service to it (and it was poorly done, to the point where I can't imagine any truly faithful christians to take him seriously). They voted for him because they were tired of tax creep and jobs going overseas (remember most people are not capable of 'knowledge' work), and Trump promised to bring the jobs back home (which I think is one of the things he's sincere about, we'll see). They voted for him because Clinton represents everything wrong with washington these days, which is where her 'experience' lies. Trump is no saint, but she's a corrupt crony capitalist parading herself off as a woman of the people. Her statement about having two faces, one for wall street and one for main street is a perfect example. She's smarter than Trump for sure, but her ego is just as big and intellect is not a good measure of intention, only of capability. It is very obvious from her body language and word choice that she thinks she's up 'here' while the rest of us are down 'there.' Rural voters can smell that shit a mile away. I'm not crazy about Romney either as he's also part of the establishment republican base which I have just as many issues with as I do the progressive stack.

Yup. Ideological purity is a sign of organizational illness and both parties have it in spades. Even going back a few years, Reagan and Bill Clinton made more sense than these clowns do. Speaking of ideological lensing, why would I trust cnn over msnbc, fox, npr, nyt, the guardian, or alex jones? Journalists are trained to latch onto left wing bias in college now. There are those who reject that only to hop on the right wing bandwagon instead are just as useless. Useless for anything but the most banal fact reporting.

I do agree with you that I worry about Trump's ability to lead during a crisis, but then again, I had similar views of Bush II and Obama. The stuff with the Russians isn't great, but because of all the smear campaigns in the media, I don't know what's fake news and what isn't.

The hypocrisy of modern social justice is one of the reasons Clinton lost with rural voters (remember her 'woman card' routine?). It's not surprising considering how blatant it's gotten lately. To address your specific example, if progressives want to protect pro-choice, it's about time it was applied to both sexes (equitably, not biologically obviously), but like the christian right's dogmatic fight against abortion, the feminist core on the left will never go for that. So much for equality.

Comment Re:For the Republican readers (Score 0, Troll) 336

Who should we support then? Obama/Hillary style progressives? They're the other half of the problem. We had 8 years of clinton 1.0, 8 years of bush 2.0, 8 years of bush 2.1 retread edition (now with more urban hip and basketball!) with obama.. This last choice was between an incompetent sellout and Clinton 2.0.

Switching from republican to democrat or vice versa is pointless..

Comment Re: "We" are forcing quality down ... (Score 1) 65

I'm not sure you are getting my point. My point is that consumers demonstrated a preference for something, a consideration other than the lowest price. Manufacturers responded with products matching that consumer consideration. Consumers need to make domestic/local production one such consideration. As consumers rewarded companies that offshored, they can reverse their behavior and reward companies that produce domestically. Manufacturers will respond.

Comment Re: "We" are forcing quality down ... (Score 1) 65

Sure, people will buy the cheapest thing if there is no compelling reason to buy the more expensive thing.

The compelling reason is their own economic security, their job prospects. As the other poster refers to, in other countries the people better understand this and do have a bias towards domestic goods. It is something they consider. The problem is we don't. In the 1970s there was a popular bumper sticker, "Save a Job, Buy American". Back then people couldn't imagine the offshoring that would come. Now people should have a better appreciation of this phrase. The people in the other countries have often had their own bad times and already learned this lesson.

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