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Comment Re:All too true (Score 1) 209

Yes, ... umm... no.

Not anymore. Yes, it still matters with high end, AAA titles. For everyone else, there's Unity. And Unreal Engine. And ... something I forgot now. Game programming used to be one of the few areas where you really needed top programmers that can come up with creative ways to cut a few extra cycles. Just think of the infamous 1/sqrt(x) hack.

I wouldn't expect many who currently claim to be game programmers to understand it. Let alone come up with something close to it.

Even in games, efficient code isn't the be-all, end-all anymore. Being able to "cheat" with the graphics and making low poly shit look great with creative texturing is where the money is today, it seems.

Comment Re: Liability (Score 2) 431

You think? Actually, most people fall into the moderate spectrum. It's just the fringe loonies that are VERY vocal about their position. And with the internet, you get to hear from them a lot more than you used to.

If anything, you have people who move towards the extreme side of their political stance because they feel that they can only choose between that loonie and the one that is even more alien to their point of view. But I highly doubt that the average Christian feels represented by the Westboros, or that the average liberal feels comfortable to rally behind the "kill all white men" battle cry.

Comment Re: Liability (Score 1) 431

And I don't give a fuck whether you have a coat hanger party or whether you sing "every sperm is sacred", where do I stand now?

You see, the only agendas that are "controversial" in the US are the ones that have exactly zero impact on anything but can be blown out of proportion, hyped and emotionalized. From abortion to gun laws to drug use. None of them has ANY reasonable impact on the life of the average person, but judging from the time spent discussing them (sorry: ranting about them, nobody discusses anything in "discussions"), you'd think the US has no other problems.

Comment Re:Slower than what reference point? (Score 1) 209

There are usually a handful of "best" solutions, depending on your demands. There is a best solution when it comes to computing time. Another one for memory footprint. And so on.

So you cannot find a solution that is the best in all situations. But you can determine whether a solution is not the best in any situation.

Comment Re:No money for you, dissident! (Score 1) 67

The question is, does Google ask the advertisers what they want to associate with, or does Google simply decide what's good for them?

The former, I'm absolutely with you. If it's the latter, though... let's say I don't really understand why I watch a video debunking Islamist bullshit and get to watch ads for Muslim dating sites as an entree.

Comment Re:Flamebait opinion piece, not news. (Score 5, Insightful) 197

Unfortunately it's still an issue. And it gets a bigger one every day.

Patents were supposed to spur innovation by giving inventors an incentive to show their inventions and how they work instead of guarding them as secrets, so that others could learn from it and use the information learned to create more while the original inventor can enjoy protection for his invention for some time. This has been perverted and warped to mean that non-inventions and trivialities are being patented to stifle competition and ensure that cornering markets becomes a reality.

This has many ramifications for both, customers and competitors. Yes, patents were supposed to grant you a monopoly for your invention for a certain time. What this has been turned into is that manufacturers use that lever to eliminate competition and keep people from actually owning what they buy. If you don't want to sell me something and only allow me to rent it, fine by me, but then call it RENT. With all the relevant obligations on your side that entails. But companies want their cake and eat it too, and that's simply not how our economy works.

If you deprive me of a right I have, I will take that right from you. By force if necessary. If I buy something from you, I own it. And rest assured, I will not only find out how to claim ownership over things I buy, I will do my best to inform anyone who wants to listen how they can wrest their property from your stranglehold.

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