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Comment Re:Nothing. (Score 2) 400

The good old days when the only internet access you had at home was dial-up and you had to fight with your sister whether her calling her boyfriend or me being able to check /. was more important. (This was back in 1998/1999.)

Boy, do I not miss them.

Comment Another long-time reader saying thanks... (Score 1) 1521

... for creating a site I've been reading daily since 1997. As a matter of fact I made a habit of saving /. for last during the morning routine of checking the various websites I'm reading. Save the best for last so to speak.

Best luck for your future endeavours, and I hope to hear from you soon, Commander. Suggestion: Apply at Google, then port Google+ to Slashcode.


Submission + - Today marks the 10th anniversary of Windows XP RTM (

FrankNFurter writes: "Everybody's favourite Windows version turns 10 today. It was released to manufacturing on August 24th, 2001; supposed to be released to the general public on October 25th, 2001; actually in the hands of the public about three weeks after RTM thanks to the devils0wn release. Show of hands: Who of you used the devils0wn key back then? Yeah, that's what I thought."

Submission + - Microsoft planning app store for Windows 8 (

FrankNFurter writes: "Microsoft is planning a Windows Store for Windows 8 according to documents leaked to the Internet on Monday.

The application store will allow users to discover and download trustworthy applications and have applications and their settings follow them on Windows 8. "Consumers get applications they want, that they can feel confident in, that they can use on any Windows 8 device" reads one of many slides detailing the new Windows Store.

Consumers will be able to search on the web or locally on a Windows 8 machine to access applications from the store. Microsoft also details plans for application developers to help reach millions of users. One of the goals is to ensure licensing and monetization for developers is flexible with a transparent on-boarding process.

It's clear that the 'Windows Store' will be a software service Microsoft provides and hosts fully in the cloud. The company will likely build the distribution model on Windows Azure to lure application developers."

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