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Submission + - IT recruitment is a lottery (

An anonymous reader writes: The whole IT recruitment system seems a bit broken. Job descriptions suck because that consist vaguely related buzzwords jammed into bullet lists rather than an accurate representation of what the job entails. Resumes suck because candidates must try to catch a recruiter's eye by hitting all the bullet points in poorly worded job descriptions rather than describing the things they can actually do. Recruiters suck because they don't know how to sort qualified candidates from people who write buzzword compliant resumes. How do you find the right job, or the right employee, when you're stuck with a system that doesn't really work?
United States

Submission + - Jobless IT pro buys radio ads to find work 1

netbuzz writes: "The 65-year-old software engineer has worked for a who's who of industry and government entities, yet his phone that used to ring regularly with work offers has gone silent. So, Larry Fowler figures that what works for car dealerships and furniture stores just might find work for him. He's paid out $1,500 to buy a series of radio ads touting his technical skills and achievements ... delivered in his own everyman voice. You can listen to the commercial and judge for yourself."

Submission + - Another Microsoft unwanted update... IE6 --> IE ( 5

A little Frenchie writes: On Friday, October 5, Microsoft has made an update without our consent. We have more than 70 computers, 95% were using IE6 (Win98 WinXP SP1 and 2).

Our network responsible was on leave that day. However, during lunch time, a lot of computers have been restarted with the return, IE7 installed. Yet our responsibility did not authorize this update and all the computers had the option to upgrade automatic non-active (it is the system that pushes updates, usually on Wednesday).

It's as if Microsoft had forced an update of which nobody wanted! We are under Novell and information logs indicated that the update had not been accepted. But it happened anyway!


Submission + - MIT researchers develop color changing gel 1

An anonymous reader writes: The researchers at MIT have created a new structured gel that can rapidly change color in response to a variety of stimuli, including temperature, pressure, salt concentration and humidity. Apparently the structured gel can be used as a fast and inexpensive chemical sensor, says Edwin Thomas, a professor of materials Science and engineering at MIT. The gel will be most useful in a food processing plant, where the sensor will be able to indicate whether food that must remain dry has been overly exposed to humidity.

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