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Comment Re:Good (Score 1) 200

the NSA Utah data center should be evacuated and then nuked. A Constitutional Amendment should then be ratified that specifies the site should be nuked every 100 years at the nation's Centennials -- as a radioactive warning to all future generations of what a free society never builds.

No nukes is good nukes. Besides, I'd rather give that hardware to the Internet Archive. Also, you really don't want to see what happens if we actually eliminate all those TLAs. Cutting them back severely might be a good thing, though. All laws and all jobs should come up for periodic review.

Comment Re:Obama Loyalists (Score 1) 200

Nice strawman you built there.

If anything it would be false equivalence. A straw man is where you attack an argument which wasn't presented. What I'm saying is that much of mainstream news is just anecdotes. So and so said such and such. And then some other so and so said some other such. If they're smart, they present them by asking a lot of leading questions rather than declaring what it all means before it's obvious. Then other people ask questions, and demand answers. In this way, the media can lead the populace to do good... or ill, as is more likely in this post-consolidation news landscape.

Still, there are some media-related victories now and again, such as recent changes in administration at Davis and Berkeley (on a local tip for me) or more broadly, what's going on recently in Trump's cabinet. He's not getting it all his own way, and lots of people have figured out that they don't want to be associated with him, or that particular rogue's gallery. Even Faux News is now occasionally being critical of His Orangeness. That's the kind of thing that will change hearts and minds among those who seem most heartless and mindless.

Comment Re:Help them leave (Score 3, Insightful) 200

Any person in any agency that refuses to support the current administration should absolutely leave, and do so in a hurry.

Those people are hired to serve their country foremost, not their president.

Taking a crap on administration was never before seen as okay, yet that is what the current leaks are designed to do.

We The People must distance ourselves from Trump if we are to retain any credibility.

Comment Re:Sized to 10 ton 2013 meteor via magnetic launch (Score 1) 535

How hard would it be to magnetically launch a 10 ton meteor out of the moon's orbit?

As engineering projects go, launching a rock jacketed in iron from the surface of the moon is a large but understandable task. As I and others have pointed out elsewhere in the thread, a mass driver is a probable construction on the moon anyway if heavy industry is built there.

As has also been pointed out elsewhere in the thread, it's not even worth mentioning right now. That's a long way away, and oh yeah, odds are that any such facility will be controlled by one or more governments anyway, and not left in the hands of the corporation[s] that build it.

Comment Re:When did Slashdot become Brietbart? (Score 0) 535

So, we're quoting verbatim from The Washington Times as if it were a trustworthy news source and describing harassment victims as "Social Justice Warriors" now?

You must be new here. Wu has been a target of ire from some vocal folks around here for ages.

What the hell? Is Slashdot an alt-right mouthpiece?

No, but there's a shitload of borderline alt-righties here, and a handful of full-fledged ones. You see them all the time, crying about how the left talked down to them so they voted for someone they know to be evil — Hypocrites making excuses. They were going to vote evil anyway.

Comment Re:How small is "small" (Score 1) 535

Hiroshima equivalent = cube of rock 24 feet per side.

But how big does the rock have to be when you throw it in order to hit the ground at that size? Anyway, all this talk of rocks is at best half the story. You'd encase the rock in an iron jacket. You need that anyway to use the magnetic accelerator. There is iron on the moon — it may have an iron core and iron oxides are abundant near the surface. It would not be a surprise if significant quantities of iron could be mined there. How thick does an iron shield have to be to protect your rock? How does it affect yield? Can you make it smaller given the iron jacket?

Comment Re:If he's transgender... (Score 5, Interesting) 535

Rocket power? Science fiction has typically suggested that you would use magnetic accelerators to send rocks from the moon to the earth, probably with solar power. It's not trivial, but it's theoretically possible to launch stuff from here to there using these means, let alone from there to here.

I'm not suggesting that it's trivial, far from it. You have to build the track and then you have to build the projectile. But if you're going there to build heavy industry, then yes, you absolutely could throw masses at the planet relatively cheaply.

Comment Re:$700 GTFO (Score 0) 139

Guys that want to brag about their ePeen. I have a couple of customers that buy that insane gamer shit and yeah, they just want to brag about how big their ePeen is. It doesn't matter that if I did a blind test with their ePeen with their $1000 CPU and $700 GPU and my gamer PC with a $145 octocore and $150 GPU they wouldn't be able to tell the difference as both rigs will max out the framerate of the monitor, all they care about is being able to brag about getting some insanely high number in some benchmark nobody gives a fuck about.

But hey its their money and if they are happy to spend it? I'm happy to take it.

Comment Re:Actually, (Score 1) 136

Nope just solder a couple of wires to the serial on the board to enable debug, that's about it. If you don't mind doing that? You basically have an Rpi style device with USB and SD card support for $9.

I'd think about getting one for myself but frankly I have an entire bucket filled with Intel Atom netbooks over in the corner so if I need a cheap HTPC or file server? Well ya really can't top $0 and they don't even need a HDD (just boot puppy off an SD Card) so they are completely silent and lets be honest, an Atom dual really doesn't pull enough juice to really worry about the difference between it and an ARM device and with the netbook I can always pop open the lid if I need to do some tweaking.

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