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Comment Re:CJK is Unicode's big failing (Score 1) 164

I really can't explain this properly because I can't show you the symbols, but I'm sick of seeing the Chinese variant of the first kanji in "chokusetsu" whenever I type an email in Japanese. Of all the huge corpus of Chinese ideograms, the ones with different stroke order should've been separately encoded. It's really weird behavior and to me it's a bad enough oversight.

These problems are intrinsic to the languages; they are not problems with Unicode. The real solution is political and cultural: if using strings across languages is a frequent use case, that use case can only be addressed by harmonizing the writing systems themselves and adapting real-world usage; it's not something that the encoding can solve.

I don't follow what you are trying to say. Are you saying the Japs and the Chinks should unify their writing systems? Because that's as disrespectful as the demonyms I have just used.

Comment Re:It *is* news for nerds (Score 1) 294

OK, I'm an Argie and I don't like this government. But that link you posted couldn't be any more biased. Why should I trust them? Under that same domain you have this article:

I can't and I won't ever trust a website that claims "they [the U.S. and Israel] must remain steadfast allies if they are to overcome the serious challenges threatening both nations in today’s world." This is an 'us vs. them' kind of bias. They can shove their economic freedom index up their ass as far as I'm concerned.

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