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Comment Accountability... (Score 1) 37

If we were a little more like the Chinese in dealing with our companies, you'd see less of this. Throwing an executive in general lock up has a certain pour encourager les autres effect that fining a company and letting them debate a sock party for the people responsible does not have. It's like I said after Deepwater Horizon. You really think if we left BP alone but brought the death penalty for felony murder against the executive(s) responsible for 11 oilmen dying and that much environment damage that the oil industry wouldn't stand up, sphincters puckered and be good Boy Scouts on worker safety and the environment?

Comment True, but you won't like the solution (Score 1) 278

A school can't correct for a class filled with poor single parent household kids who refuse to be educated

A school cannot, but society can. All it would take is a degree of ruthlessness on the part of the law-abiding and productive majority in dealing with them.

1. End no fault divorce.
2. Provide that unwed, non-custodial fathers are entitled to no welfare or public housing at all.
3. Provide that unwed mothers can never receive more than 1/3 the welfare of married mothers.
4. Inflict corporal punishment on men who abandon their children.
5. Make having two or more children out of wedlock (including outside of common law marriage) that you cannot fully support without welfare, for men or women, would be treated as a sex offense under the logic that it is sexual social parasitism.

You may not like that, but it would work. All society has to do to such people is give them a harsh ultimatum. That is, you can socialize the cost of your lifestyle, but the cost will be your freedom and autonomy since you aren't an invalid and this is by your own doing.

Comment Know that "privilege" you like to talk about? (Score 5, Insightful) 278

All of these initiatives keep reinforcing it. Wake me up when some poor, rural community or ghetto school has seen a major improvement. I'm sick and tired of the nonsense where we give an already decent school more resources, some middle class kid (probably a girl) gets cajoled into taking CS as an elective and it's like "look ma, we're fighting inequality and making America work for everyone!"

FFS, we half of the kids that leave (one way or another) from inner city schools are functionally illiterate and we worry that some middle class kid who doesn't have enough curiosity to google "how to start programming" is not going to start? Priorities, you don't have them...

Comment Should be obvious to everyone (Score 0) 560

Marijuana, like alcohol, screws with your brain to achieve its effects. There is a reason we are particularly squeamish about handing out legal medicine that works on brain chemistry. It's because messing with brain chemistry can be like opening Pandora's Box.

This isn't a good reason to keep the War on Drugs, but it is a good reason to reevaluate some of our society's basic principles on dealing with intoxicating substances.

The one concern I have about legalization is that there are a lot of people (probably 5-10% of the adult population) that can look at what crack, meth and heroin do and still use them. They just don't care. Their time preference barely goes a millimeter past the tip of their nose. Then they and many "good people" will piss and moan that they are poor and our "indecent society" is bankrupting them by not providing medical coverage to them on an affordable basis.

If the US were more of a republic, it wouldn't bother me because in a more republican state these people (and many of their supporters) could not even vote. However, if we do go full on legalization we will need to veer strongly toward the more pure republic model from the trend toward more "democracy" in order to keep legalization from becoming a crippling effect on our system.

Comment Re:Trivial to stop the abuse (Score 1) 184

Some weighting depending on area could be a good idea, but needs additional measures to prevent abuse. Otherwise consulting companies will apply for H1Bs in a cheap area with very low wages and then move people to silicon valley soon after the visa has been granted. It also seems a good idea to give more H1Bs to areas with higher wages as these often indicate real shortages. Stricter limits on working hours are also needed, otherwise companies will cheat the system by paying a high monthly salary that is actually a low hourly salary because of the insane working hours demanded. One potential solution for that issue could be rules that require paid overtime for H1Bs and allow workers to sue for their overtime payment even several years later.

Comment Trivial to stop the abuse (Score 5, Interesting) 184

It seems trivial to stop the abuse: Stop the lottery and replace it with a list ordered by salary and give the visas to the applicants with the highest salaries. This would make hiring H1Bs expensive and limit their use to hiring rare very talented foreigners.

At the moment H1Bs are broken: The lottery often prevents bringing in highly talented people, while it doesn't matter too much for companies that just want a random cheap semi-skilled person. They just fill a lot of extra applications to get enough H1Bs granted.

Comment People like you are the problem with America (Score 2) 600

Your argument is quite literally argumentum ad hominem. You people are down to arguing that literally anything Trump does is suspect because it is Trump doing it. He could personally drive an ambulance full of injured kids to the hospital and cover their stay in cash and you'd probably question his motives.

Comment Understandable, but foolish (Score 5, Insightful) 386

For the sake of argument, suppose this is possible.

You will wake up about 5 generations beyond where you are now. Assuming her death doesn't end the bloodline altogether, the relatives she has in 100 years will have no real familial connection to her. Everyone and everything that defines her sense of happiness now will likely be dead and gone or so evolved that it is unrecognizable (like tech and hobbies).

Then you have the cultural change. Imagine being frozen in 1900 and waking up in 2016. The whole social order is different. You likely are deeply at odds with it culturally.

So odds are you just wake up a social pariah, with no skills, in an alien social order with no friends and family. Heck, you might not even speak the lingua franca of that age. For all we know, Mandarin could replace English by 2116.

People imagine it like a movie where you wake up in a shiny, accepting utopia and you just go like Ender to the stars where no one knows your past or cares. The reality is probably more akin to you becoming a ward of the state for years, being looked down on except as a curiosity.

Comment If you oppose voter ID, you don't support audits (Score 1) 667

We need to not only have IDs, but a state wide system that tracks when people check in at the voting precinct. That solves two problems in and of itself. First, it blocks people from voting who should not be voting and second, it would allow for people to vote wherever is convenient for them. It would mean that you could just go to a precinct near your workplace instead of one close to home. It would also mean that state voting officials could tell people who might have to wait in line where they can go to vote more quickly.

Have them sign an affidavit, and take their picture. If you insist on ID cards, make the voter ID itself come with a picture, and don't charge money for them. That way everyone who's registered to vote automatically has a valid ID.

Consider the common liberal scenario where the poor are supposedly being disenfranchised. All you have to do to establish a reasonable effort to get them what they need is to send a mobile registration team with smart card printers, notaries and a lawyer or two. Just announce that the people will be showing up to do free voter registration in 3-6 months and that they will need a Social Security card and either a birth certificate or naturalization documentation.

You know what the best part of this sort of registration is? You can register convicted felons if you do it right. Doesn't matter. Just tie state and federal criminal justice records to the voter ID so that if someone is convicted of a felony, the record automatically gets flagged so it doesn't work until the system either lifts the block or they get a pardon.

Comment She was terribly unqualified for the job (Score 1) 667

he certainly was qualified for the job though, but that has little to do with what ends up appealing to the voter.

Actually, that's just your blinders talking. When she got involved in the use of military force, she made the Bush Administration's handling of the occupation of Iraq look like it was being handled by Julius Caesar or Alexander the Great. Do you realize what she did just in Libya that we can confirm?

1. We overthrew a dictator who was complying with international WMD disarmament protocol.

2. We knew in advance that the majority of rebels were Islamists aligned with Al Qaeda.

3. There was precisely no ground game, not even a counter-insurgency strategy for helping a transition regime wipe out undesirable rebel factions that wouldn't submit to the new regime (and that's assuming that we found ourselves in a position where the new regime wasn't worse than the rebels that wouldn't submit!)

4. She knew that there were a ton of MANPADs and other devices suitable for serious and brazen acts of terror that needed to be secured. Did we even get boots on the ground early on to secure them? Nope. She, like most politicians today, thinks you can win a war with air power alone.

#1 alone should have sent blood chilling tingles down the entire foreign policy establishment's spines. The harm she did to WMD disarmament efforts with Libya was incalculable. She assured us of a scenario where even if a substantial faction of Iranian leaders wanted to comply in good faith, they would not be able to bring themselves to do it because the evidence that "compliance means assassination" was right before their eyes under the same administration that was negotiating with them.

Comment You have a very naive view, then (Score 1) 117

I don't know if you are German, but I'm an American who has tried to follow European news on what is happening with the migrant issue. What I see is a people who are more prone to law and order and obedience than Americans actually doing things like firebombing buildings, knifing politicians and such. Germany is now starting to go down a very interesting path, and if Merkel gets her way much longer I suspect that path will include electing leaders who make Trump look like he favors open borders. She wags her finger and openly silences criticism, but to any objective observe it should be obvious that she herself is the primary reason why "hate" is becoming a problem in Germany. Germans, like Americans, and pretty much most of the human race, don't want to be inundated by foreigners especially under a leader who acts like she is all but "electing a new people" for her country.

Comment One reason to support Brexit (Score 0) 359

Stronger border security makes it easier to push the anti-terrorism measures out of the civil society and to its borders. The EU is living in a fantasy world about how easy it is for terrorists to land in Europe and move at will under the various agreements and treaties. Restoring British sovereignty over the movement of people and border security will help civil libertarians build a case for reducing the internal measures to purging bad actors and their sympathizers/enablers while moving most of the security apparatus to proactively keeping the threat out of the society itself. No electorate is going to accept a regime that simultaneously allows bad actors to move in easily AND that doesn't provide some sort of sweeping measure to protect society from them. So pick one. Either you restrict access to your country or you spy on it and carry out regular anti-terrorism raids.

Comment And once again, hypocrites (Score 1) 978

Twitter decides that black activists calling for various felonies against "the right people" (including minors) is ok, but how dare you espouse white separatism.

Why should we care about the opinions and rebukes of people who live like that? It is precisely how you feel being rebuked about sexual morality by a pastor like Ted Haggard or Jimmy Swaggart. It's how you'd feel if Bernie Madoff self-righteously stuck his finger in your face and said "you're a fucking asshole who deserves to be shot for ripping people off."

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