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Comment Usability. (Score 1) 1051

I don't use ad blockers, but I don't usually have javascript turned on and flash is not installed. If your ad doesn't work without scripting or flash, then your ad has usability problem, it is your ad that is inaccessible rather than me trying to cut your revenue.

Comment Re:Yeah Not Really (Score 1) 184

I have a copy of the Annotated Alice, by Martin Garnder (who wrote Mathematical Games in Scientific American for many years). There's probably as much annotation in that thing as actual text. There's several pages that are nothing but annotations. Great reading.

Comment Re:What? (Score 1) 345

Exactly for that reason, proving is done by deductive reasoning, not by testing.
You are working on a different abstraction level.

For proving, the number of variables or configurations are not a sensible measure of complexity.
There are seemingly simple equations, which haven't been proven for decades or even centuries,
and there are equations with an infinite number of scalars, which can take an infinite number of values,
which are well understood and proven from several different angles and used by undergrad students every day.

Comment Re:the sky is falling! (Score 2) 314

But there has been a lot of science done and it shows that there is little or no correlation. So I imagine it isn't as obvious as you think.

This is a perfect example of an is-ought fallacy or a naturalistic fallacy:
"I don't need a boatload of proof that cell phones cause cancer. Just a little bit of common sense goes a long way."

Science trumps common sense. If it didn't the earth would likely still be the center of the universe. And anything at the subatomic scale would probably just be left as 'magic'.

Comment Re:I was more disappointed by Return of the Jedi (Score 1) 629

I think Return of the Jedi was a more disappointing movie. The change in tone in this from Empire was more drastic than the change between this and the prequels.

I don't know, I rather like the part at Jabba's palace. The rest I don't think was as good as Empire but still good stuff. Speeder bikes, cooler Death Star battle, Jedi showdown... Maybe a bit unimaginative (another Death Star... Really?) but good times.

Comment Re:Stick to your business (Score 3, Insightful) 164

If you had hired one of the two, he probably would have advised you to form an LLC rather than an S-Corp. But since you decided you knew better, you made a LOT more work for yourself.

Its possible he had good reasons that didn't make it into the article. No idea what they could possibly be, but ...

The real value of a wiki or form collection website, is building vocabulary and knowledge BEFORE meeting with the pros. It is possible the original poster had never heard of anything but a S-Corp, therefore he walks in saying he's getting an S-Corp, end of story. A glance at a "forms collection" for an LLC vs an S-Corp could have been very educational...

Professional meetings are much more productive when you can evaluate the professionals advice and actions. If you can't, then don't waste time meeting, just hand them barrels of money and hope they do the right thing for you, which is not exactly a recipe for business success.

Comment Re:Because the game is rigged (Score 4, Informative) 715

No, you don't actually.

Showing that the system was rigged and that some valid papers were rejected is enough. Even showing that a single valid paper was rejected is enough, because it's not supposed to be possible.

A conspiracy has been exposed, and that's enough to start questioning the conspirators and treating the evidence skeptically.

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