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Comment Re: So much goddamn bureaucracy. (Score 3, Insightful) 70

Wikipedia is a group endeavour, people on the left are more likely to seek community solutions, people on the right are more likely to work alone.

Once you've largely written your encyclopaedia, there's nothing for talented individuals to do, they don't want to spend all day arguing over conjunctions and which picture is best, so the only people left are the ones with bizarre ideas about consensus.

Comment Re: Humanities not science? (Score 1) 564

Except we can't analyse a book in the same way we analyse a boson, or a molecule in the way we analyse a song.

Differences between even Chemistry and Physics are so great that if you want to go back to the old terms, literary analysis is science, it uses peer reviewed evidence based thinking, just like all of our fields of study.

Comment Re: One Day... (Score 1) 159

This is the country in which people dig up their loved ones and murder their children so that there is something to eat. A place where the populace have been starving to death since 1994. A country which wishes to destroy one of the largest and most advanced cities ever built, then ethnically cleanse their neighbour and soon may have the means to do it. A small country the UN could feed with pocket change.

This could be fixed rather easily as soon as china is on board.

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