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Comment Re:Amazon's responsibility (Score 1) 120

In the UK under UK consumer law, Amazon is responsible for all of these items, whether or not they are sold and fulfilled by Amazon or a third party - Amazon handle the sale and payment, so Amazon are the ones responsible for the sale. This is different to Ebay as Ebay do not handle the payment and you would find it very hard to buy from Ebay themselves.

Comment Responsibilities of a publicly traded company (Score 5, Insightful) 1055

It occurs to me that, while a company shouldn't necessarily advocate for open harassment of its users, it needs to apply the policy equally if it is to be taken seriously.

Take, for example, the radical feminist Clementine Ford. She has repeatedly engaged in blatant anti-male harassment and is known to then cry wolf when a man responds with anti-female harassment and had a man fired from his job for his comment. Yet, for some reason, Clementine Ford's account is still miraculously active. No matter what Trump said he did or didn't grab, this woman should be off Twitter permanently by that same policy.

This is a pattern that repeats over and over. As it is obvious that Twitter is engaging in selective enforcement, they are not only slowly alienating a substantial portion of their user base for the minority of vocal SJWs, they are threatening their own safe harbor provisions for anything else that goes on Twitter such as terrorist communication or other criminal activity. That translates to fewer users and significant financial risk for operating as they currently do.

The real question is: why are the shareholders not demanding Dorsey's resignation for these policies? Mentioning Trump is a complete non-sequitur and clickbait for Salon's liberal slant. More importantly, it indicates that they are defocused from the real goal of shareholder returns and preserving shareholder value. The tail can't wag the dog any more, and it has to belong to the same animal in any case. Either Twitter curates content consistently or they get out of that business and respond only to complaints of criminal and terrorist activity; otherwise, this half-way house will fall on itself.

Comment Re:That's nice (Score 2) 142

You know, some people say this, but give absolutely no evidence for the assertion. I use a Windows desktop and 2015 Macbook Pro daily (as well as Linux on servers) and honestly prefer Win10 to OSX. The file explorer is much more intuitive for me, it handles multiple displays much better, and obviously there's whole gaming thing.

I think some Mac fanboys probably haven't used Windows since Win 95, and still think it behaves as badly. It's like me comparing Win10 to OS9 (which was truly terrible - I had to suffer through that!)

Comment Please get rid of e-voting machines now (Score 4, Insightful) 1321

Even if we had a fully open and verifiable hardware and software architecture, it doesn't prevent someone from finding weaknesses. The only solution to this potential subversion of the people's will is to get rid of e-voting entirely and go back to paper ballots.

Comment Re:And Obama once again is a blatant liar (Score 2, Insightful) 534

In my mind, the difference is that Nixons pardon was never legally challenged by Congress or any other body - there is no way to say that Nixons parson would or would not have stood up to legal scrutiny. You can bet your perky little ass that any pardon issued to Snowdon would definitely be challenged.

With that in mind, it could easily be the case that the legal and political landscape supporting the validity of such pardons has changed in the intervening years - Congress may simply ignore the pardon and require Snowden to testify infront of it, holding him in contempt of Congress if he refuses or if he violates any contrived reason...

Comment The new standard for the OS: pushing crap & sp (Score 5, Insightful) 123

It seems that those peddling your average mainstream OS these days are hellbent on pushing their views of the world on what is largely an unsuspecting and technically ignorant user base. Use Android? We'll spy on you wherever you go and push a bunch of ads for something you already bought yesterday. Use Windows? We'll create self-doubt in your choice of software to push you into our domain where we can collect information on you, and push ads on your start screen unless you jump through dozens of technical hoops. Use MacOS? We'll collect anything you do in Spotlight so we can "make our product better" for you.

Just like Farcebook and any other SaaS platform, the OS guys are trying real hard to squeeze a few extra dollars out of us users at the expense of users by making the user the product rather than the OS. That this happened with Edge in this case is merely another symptom of this greater problem. The /. crowd and people of similar technical capability can filter out this BS, but the average user will continually fall victim to this nonsense with no idea of the real consequences, both individually and for the overall browser market.

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