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Comment Re:The actual real problem with Mars... (Score 1) 100

I never said they were one off rockets, I said they were custom built for specific launches, and that is correct - no launcher company has a stock from which they pull a rocket the week before a launch, the launch requirement comes well before the launch vehicle exists in any capable form, including the ICBM-conversions.

Comment Re:The actual real problem with Mars... (Score 0) 100

Since all launchers to date have been custom built for specific launches, where is the excess industrial capacity that is being used to launch Mars missions...? Which launch company is suddenly going "awww shucks, we have a spare rocket, anyone want to launch a Mars mission" or "we arent building anything next tuesday, anyone want a rocket for Mars"?

Comment Re:Makes Good Sense (Score 2) 87

The weight reduction from not having to carry the turbine portion of the engine (you still need to carry the fan part) is *massively* offset by the fact that you carry your "fuel" the entire distance of the trip, 100%. Current planes get more efficient the longer they fly, as they burn off their fuel they get lighter - replace that fuel with a storage system like batteries and your plane is going to weigh as much on landing as it did on takeoff, with no efficiency gains en route, so the energy needed will be constant throughout the flight.

And yes, this is still an issue on short haul flights.

Don't kid yourselves, batteries for powering aircraft is a non-starter, the economics simply dont work.

Comment Re:Stick to the important stuff (Score 0) 266

You need to reread your linked source (and also find something better to do with your life). It doesn't say that there were six bills repealing "Obamacare" that were passed to Obama, it says that the House passed a repeal six times - it only made it to Obamas desk once, in January 2016. And that was his only veto of any "Obamacare" repeal.

Given that the Republicans had control of both the House and the Senate for the 114th Congress, they had plenty of opportunity to force a repeal through...

So no, they havent just got "thoughtful" at all.

Comment Re:Poor analogy (Score 4, Informative) 392

I take it you have never seen the accounting floor of a large business circa 1970 then, because it would have been filled with semi-skilled people filling out numbers in books and passing aggregated numbers to the next tier. Thats how books were done in those days. And those positions were replaced by spreadsheets, with automated cascading on changes, no need for more than a few people anymore.

See the following image for an accountancy department prior to computerisation (computerisation as we know it today):


Its no different at all to your factory worker example. No different at all. You just never noticed the accounting jobs disappearing.

Comment Excel (Score 3, Insightful) 392

Microsoft made its billions off the back of putting millions of accountants and accountants interns out of business with the rise of Excel (and its contemporaries), and yet there were no issues about automation taking over back then... nor any tax on spreadsheets....

Automation has happened all of humanities history - we don't buy cotton material from cottage based weavers any more, and blacksmiths don't build train engines.

Comment Re:Maybe in the long term (Score 1) 235

But at least they get to concentrate on one language, rather than splitting their valuable attention and time over multiple languages, all with their own foibles. Far far too many "full stack web devs" claim to know JS but actually know very little, and subsist on broken pockets of experience. Think of how many atrocities have been committed with JQuery plugins by "full stack web devs" who basically chain pre-existing stuff together.

Comment Re:Maybe in the long term (Score 5, Interesting) 235

Meh, not so much - its the *default* language for clientside web interaction right now, and thats the *only* reason it has the establishment that it has.

The only thing that would have to happen for Javascripts domination to be threatened is for multiple browsers supporting something better, and thats happening with WebAssembly. Once developers realise they can stick to their language of choice and cross compile to WebAssembly, thats pretty much game over for JS - think of all the reasons touted for using Node.js, just this time think about them being used against JS...

I wouldnt be at all surprised to see a significant shift start to happen in the next 18 months.

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