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Comment Evolution (Score 1, Interesting) 321

It's Darwin at work. People get children much later in life than they used to. This means the chance that they get a healthy child is lower than it was before. The children who are born healthy have a greater chance of reproducing and living long and healthy lives, so they also get their old age deseases at a higher age. Their children get this ability too so humanity as a whole gets to live longer and healthier (provided nutrition isn't a problem).

Comment Re:Eu is too big (Score 1) 194

Yes, it's so annoying! The EU is now working on abolishing roaming costs within its borders. That means if you live close to the border and you hop over for groceries or whatnot you don't suddenly pay three or more times the price you are used to for your calls to your home country about the shopping lists. The only way to prevent that to happen is a Fraxit, Nexit, Itxit, Grexit, Spaxit etc.

Comment Survey (Score 4, Informative) 194

I tried to fill in the survey that is linked to above. First you have to state if you act for a company or as an individual. I filled in Individual. Then I had to answer many mandatory questions about the company I represented and how important 5G was for my company. After that came questions like:

5G European deployment should also target as priority from the start the services that enable creation of ecosystems with vertical industries, namely mMTC and URLL classes of use cases


Yeah, I can easily aswer questions like this as an individual who just uses his phone for YouTube and Whatsapp. Thanks EU for the nice survey.

Comment Re:I'd argue we need more humanities (Score 1) 352

You can't just teach small children facts without being a major factor in bringing them up too. Small children don't have the patience and the mental 'machinery' to stay focused for 6 hours a day. They will start fooling around and disturbing the class, and then teachers will have to correct them. Also, teachers see their pupils awake for much more time than their parents during the week.

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