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Comment Re: AV only helps if you are bad (Score 2) 217

I've been reading Slashdot and the like for more than twenty years now and the relative amount of vulnerabilities reported for MS products, especially IE and Outlook is so significantly higher that not using that already makes a huge difference. Of course other software is also not without its faults but I could say that your approach of treating all software as equally bad is paranoia.
Now that we've both insulted each other I think I can safely say that we agree that you have to find software that gives the best balance between risk and usability for the situation you use it in.

Comment Re:AV only helps if you are bad (Score 5, Insightful) 217

Same here. I hate AV software with a passion bcause it slows your computer to a crawl, gives a false sense of security and once it's on your computer it takes a complete reinstall of the OS to get it off again. The best AV practices are:
Never use MS software to browse the internet and read email
Use an ad blocker
Never even read email from unknown sources, let alone open attachments from there.
MAKE BACKUPS of your files.

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