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Submission + - Taking on an unmanaged VPS

tanveer1979 writes: For years,I have been an on and off Linux Guy. Though I use linux quite often, I am not too gung ho on the admin front esp when it comes to webservers and hosting.

So while getting a VPS, a managed VPS does make better sense. However, since I am setting something up on a small scale, I think I can afford to be a little "adventurous". So I have decided t go for an unmanaged VPS, and start from scratch, setup apache, configure domains/subdomains, setup email and take care of the security, and then going on to setup a CMS(The part I am familiar with). So what do you suggest as a good guide to get started. The web is full of tutorials and advice, but I was to sift through the clutter. So help me out, and suggest the best resources for a newbie like me.

Submission + - Novartis denied patent on Newer version of Cancer Drug in India (

tanveer1979 writes: "In a world where patent offices are bending over backwards to grant patents on anything and everything, finally some sanity from India. The Supreme court of India has dismissed a plea by Novartis to be granted a patent on the newer version of its Cancer drug Gilvec.India has refused protection for Glivec on the grounds that it is not a new medicine but an amended version of a known compound. By contrast, the newer form of Glivec has been patented in nearly 40 countries including the United States, Russia and China.

Pfizer Inc's cancer drug Sutent and Roche Holding AG's hepatitis C treatment Pegasys lost their patented status in India last year, and Monday's ruling will make it tougher for them to win back patent protection."

Submission + - Vodafone sues for defamatory facebook messages (

tanveer1979 writes: If this comes to pass, complaining about poor service may be a thing of the past. Vodafone India is suing a customer for posting defamatory status messages on his facebook wall.

Dhaval Valia, was disgrunted with vodafone after getting poor 3G service. Apparently, vodafone has only 50% of cell sites supporting 3G connection in Mumbai. After lot many heated arguments with the management and customer care, he vented his ire on his facebook page, as a result of which, vodafone India sent a legal notice to the customer.


Submission + - Indian state buying 1.4 million laptops (

tanveer1979 writes: Indian state of Tamil Nadu is planning to place an order for 1.4 million laptops. In the recently concluded elections, the winning party had pledged one laptop for each +2 student(equivalent of highest class in school).

The estimated number of students fitting the profile is 1.4 million. To put things in perspective, total laptop sales in India for the year 2009-2010 were approximately 2.5 million. This order, by conservative estimates is worth almost 80 million USD, but actual costs are expected to be much higher(even when taking an ultra low price of 150$/laptop).

Submission + - 75% of Himalayan Glaciers Receding (

tanveer1979 writes: In a first of its kind comprehensive study of the Himalayas, Indian Space Research Organization(ISRO) has revealed that 75% of the himalayan glaciers have retreated in the past 15 years.

The project studied 2190 glaciers using satellite imagery, as well as visits by experts. From the study "75% of glaciers have retreated, 8% have advanced, and 17% show no change". This brings back the focus on Himalayan ecosystem and its susceptibility to global climate change. These glaciers collectively serve as water towers to almost 1 billion people in South-East Asia, and such drastic change can wreck havoc on crop patterns. This brings back into focus the Climategate scandal, and it can be said without doubt that this study will go through intense scrutiny.


Submission + - Wikileaks causes political storm in India (

tanveer1979 writes: White in the west wikileaks cable releases have been met with skepticism and negativity towards the messenger, the scene in the developing world is quite different. Unlike their western counterparts, the Indian press is taking the govt to a task, and opposition parties are stalling the parliament.

More than the content of the leaks, what is really interesting is the way the reactions to the cables have been in the general public. While most western voters stood by their leaders, and even called Assange a traitor, in India its quite the opposite, with everybody baying for govt's blood. It could be because democracy is more democratic in India, or maybe because the general notion of the public that all politicians are crooks, and if there is a bribery allegation, it must be true!


Submission + - US Authorities GPS tagging duped Indian Students (

tanveer1979 writes: Indian students duped by the dodgy Tri-Valley university in California have been fitted with GPS radio collars by the immigration authorities.

Scores of Indian students were caught in a scam where the university violated immigration norms and illegally got the students F1 visa and immigration status. To keep a track on the movements of the students, the authorities put GPS radio tags. This is spiraling into a major diplomatic row between India and USA, with the former calling the practice inhuman and unwanted.

Submission + - I am currently sitting

tanveer1979 writes: 0-100m above MSL
100-500m above MSL
500-2000m above MSL
2000-4000m above MSL
4000+m above MSL
I reside in Heaven
I burn in Hell

Submission + - Indian Scientists decode TB Genome, and Opensource (

tanveer1979 writes: Indian scientists have decoded the Tuberculosis genome, and released all data under open source. Anybody in the world can use the data and develop the drug based on it.
From the Article
"OSDD is a completely new formula across the world. Here we are making all our progress available to public. Anyone can take advantage and develop a drug based on our research. The aim here is not patents but drug discovery for a neglected disease"
Hopefully, this will pave the way for new age drugs for this neglected disease which kills millions every year.


Submission + - Should Internet forums be liable for defamation (

tanveer1979 writes: "The story itself is pretty mundane. User buys car, is conned at some point. This has happened to many, and thousands of forums all over the internet have such complaints.

Often the user goes to courts, but along with that also goes to various internet forums, and posts his/her grievance for all to see. Lot of people reply, and there are many comments, like "Boycott" etc., etc. This could have been a simple story, user unhappy with Skoda, user posts thread. This thread could have been like those countless threads. Skoda could have kept quiet, life would have gone on.

However someone, somewhere in the corporate ladder thought this should stop, and they should threaten. So in come the big guns and the lawyers, and put up a threatening post. So what happens then. Everybody cows down? Obviously Skoda India had never heard of Streisand effect and trouble starts. The Forum refuses to bow down, and a new thread is created dedicated to this thread. In just a few days it has 86000+ views. and the first results on google for Skoda India point to this blunder. Other forums also link to the same article, because the question is very relevant. Its the freedom of expression of a dis grunted customer which is at stake. What do slashdotters think? Does a company has the moral right to threaten a customer who posts a negative review. Legally corporations have enough muscle to do as they please, and the whole episode shows that you should never underestimate the power of the internet."


Submission + - India Scientists develop ~ 2000$ artificial heart ( 1

tanveer1979 writes: "Indian Scientists at the Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur(IIT-KGP), have developed an artificial heart which costs just 2000$, a fraction of the 60,000$ heart available in the market currently.

The research team says trials of the prototype lab--constructed heart have been successful on small animals and the gadget is being perfected on goats. The institute has applied for permission to conduct human trials. The development of this heart took 4 years, and scientists say that they have bettered the reliability of the existing artificial heart at a tiny fraction of the cost, and very soon this heart could be in the reach of the common man."


Submission + - JAL makes first Boeing BioFuel flight (

tanveer1979 writes: "Japan Airlines made the first successful test flight of a Boeing airplane run on Biofuel. The Fuel in this case was a blend of traditional ATF(Kerosene) and a Bio fuel made of Camelina which is a non food energy crop.

In this test one of the engines of the Boeing 747-300 aircraft was running on the cocktail. The flight lasted 90 minutes. According to JAL, when Biofuels are sufficiently abundant and readily available, they hope to be the first ones to start using them. Apart from Camelina, which is the primary ingredient, the the fuel contains algae and jatropha."

United States

Submission + - No DL in Michigan for non permanent Legal resident (

tanveer1979 writes: "Michigan has passed a law, wherein to get a Drivers License you need to be a Permanent Legal resident. Though this move is to prevent illegal immigrants from getting a Drivers License, this will also affect thousands of H1/Student/L1 etc., VISA immigrants who are legally in the state.

These people can drive in Michigan with their home country drivers license, so apparently it will have no effect. But the question now arises, what will these people do when traveling to states which require a US drivers license? What if these people are unable to travel to their home country when their DL expires? Traveling overseas is a huge expense. Moreover, carrying a DL is very important as its an important identity document, not everyone will be comfortable carrying their passport around at all time!"


Submission + - Patent granted for Sports photography

tanveer1979 writes: "It cannot get any stupid than this. Photocrazy has been granted a patent for shooting events photography.
The gist of the patent is
Do you shoot participants in sporting events?
Do you associate a unique identifier (such as bib number, name or time) with each image?
Do the participants find the images using a unique pre-determined identifier?
By default cameras will assign an unique image name, and the EXIF data will have unique data/time. Your clients will use either image name, or tag name(of participant) to search for photographs.

And do not think its not enforceable. Many Photo companies including Smugmug, Printroom etc., have been sued. Printroom has already caved in, and as per a response on dgrin, even smugmug has partially caved in. The settlement with printroom is posted below

Printroom user now have an option in a gallery to participate in the printroom sports license program.
Printroom paid Peter Wolf a substancial fee to license for the technology/workflow, and as part of the agreement now Printroom sellers, can select this option if they feel they fall into the area covered in Peter Wolf's license.
Printroom has three questions:
* Do you shoot participants in sporting events?
* Do you associate a unique identifier (such as bib number, name or time) with each image?
* Do the participants find the images using a unique pre-determined identifier?
If your answer is yes to all the above printroom suggests you enable the licensing within that gallery.
Any image sold will have an additional fee of $1.50 added to the end user (customer buying the a print or prints from one image). (excluding photographer orders, and ordering all images in a gallery).
Just some information I received tonight from my contact at PR."

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