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Comment Strange (Score 1) 73

So they correct the figures by removing women with hysterectomies from the group and the number jumps up, and then they claim that the cause is "unequal access to healthcare" causing higher stats in that group. So I take it the women are getting their uterus and cervix removed by NON health care professionals?

Comment Re:Belief versus fact? (Score 1) 73

"Science-based beliefs are the new bible. One is either a Darwinist [...] There is no longer room for discussion or dissent."

About species evolution by means of natural selection? No, certainly there's no longer room for discussion or dissent. Just like it's the case about thermodynamics or, say, special relativity. No, ignoramus douchebags' rants don't count.

Comment Re:Huh (Score 0) 477

Another super persuasive argument.

I am just going to wait for the squeals of pain when snowflakes like you realize that you have voted in someone who doesn't give a shit for anyone except his wealthy buddies.

It's going to be hilarious.

You know that doesn't actually happen, right? When Obama turned into President Dronestrike and then later became the guy overseeing NSA Spying on everyone, it took like 2 hours for his supporters to decide the shit they protested against didn't matter very much and Obama was just a bystander, powerless to do anything despite his transcendent greatness. Or they'd just change the subject and turn a blind eye.

Trump fans will do the same. (Not me though. I never liked Trump -- because he's a celebrity and celebrities seem to mostly be complete douchebags. But his cabinet picks and some of his policy statements are much better than I expected so far.)

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