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Comment Re:Lockouts have you heard of them? (Score 1) 142

Some OSHA regulations

Not one OSHA regulation applies. this isn't America. We have standards which I- having worked with a number of American safety-responsible personnel - think are generally tighter. Those standards are designed by the Health And Safety Executuve and are enforced with the power of the criminal law. Directors of companies do get jailed for breaches on occasion, and HSE inspectors who achieve that are very happy to have achieved it.

Comment Re:Why not? (Score 1) 565

I'm tempted to grant you your wish to live under a Trump Presidency, where anyone who dares ask questions is told to shut up...or else! The only thing that is pulling me back from granting your your wish for this hell on earth is that all the rest of us would have to suffer right along with you

Why would it matter? The government seems to do almost the same thing regardless of who gets elected. Not much really changes. The other side always goes nuts and says the world's going to end if the latest Hitler (all Republicans) or Stalin (all Democrats) gets elected. The world never ends though.

Comment Re:Accountability (Score 1) 162

"Company wide tax mitigation does not happen without C-suite executives being involved"

non-sequitur, as that's not what's been talked about.

"A CEO who isn't keeping a close eye on the where the money goes in the company is not doing his/her job and should be fired."

And then, another non-sequitur, as that's not what's been talked about here.

Of course, you are right on how things *are* done, but the parent poster was talking about how things *could* be done. See the difference? And I'm not even starting with if he could be right or wrong.

Comment Re:Sinking ship (Score 1) 162

"Nobody is going to hire you if you go around doing it too often"

That's what you think.

On one hand, since it is not the long term shareholders but the executive board the ones hiring the CEO, it looks quite good enough if the board gets a lot of money from the dismantling process. Now, remember that quite a lot of companies share executive members and there you have a valid rinse-and-repeat scheme.

On the other hand, it's not even a matter of thinking about it since you can just read about it in any press archive. That's exactly the quickest way to make money back in the eighties -remember Oliver Stone's "Wall Street"?

Comment Why not? (Score 2, Funny) 565

How else are we going to find out what people in our government are doing? Wait for the press to tell us?

If you want the press to uncover -- instead of helping cover up -- what the government is doing, you should support Trump for President. The press will actually investigate and report on a Trump Administration.

Comment Re:Water itself is toxic (Score 0) 159

De-ionized water EXISTS ONLY IN A LAB. Water self ionizes. If you do not take steps to keep water de-ionized, you will not have de-ionized water. You have NEVER, EVER had de-ionized water coming from your tap or in a water bottle. And you're a fool if you're drinking water at the lab. Pure water, with extraneous Na+, K+, Ca2+ etc ions removed, is PERFECTLY SAFE to drink, provided you don't drink enough that you dilute the ions in your body to a dangerous level.

Please try to at least learn something about what you try to argue about.

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