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Comment Re:Fan death (Score 1) 108

I wanted to mod you either +1 funny or +1 informative, but instead decided to post instead.

My first thought was "who's killing sports fans in Korea?" as I remembered a story about a stadium with robot audiences there.

Then I googled the phrase and found immediate hits (p'raps previous /.'s like me looking it up primed google's cache).

So I thought that it maybe was related to the warnings about their charcoal stoves and heating. When I was in SK in a previous millennium we were seriously briefed about keeping good ventilation because charcoal fumes were the major cause of accidental death.

Anyways, according to the font of all knowledge apparently the superstition goes almost as far back as the introduction of electric fans in Korea, in the early 1900's.


Comment Re:Redefining words so we can make a "discovery" (Score 1) 142

What are you going on about? Some snark just so you can toss "merkin" in? Oh, we're so insulted, how can we take the shame?

Your primary statement of fact was unnecessary. No-one was making any argument against it. Re-stating it did not provide more context.

The GP was an amusing post, and, frankly, the first joke that came to my mind.

Why *your* butthurt? Dwarf mind?

Comment Re:AD shaming (Score 1) 172

A lot of issues surrounding side effects boil down to liability. Let's say a drug had a clinical trial of 10,000 people. If even one or two people experience a side effect that can be connected to the drug, it has to get listed. So amid a sea of side effects, there are generally a core 4-5 effects that are common. It's part of why doctors should be evaluating medicine instead of lay people; they have access to the literature and have the training to know which interactions will be most common.

Anti-depressants are a weird beast, because one of the first things they attempt to do is to get you up and moving around. In the early stages of treatment, you may feel more motivated to do things. This stage is dangerous, because the medicine takes a few weeks to start really kicking in. During this time, therapy/counseling is important to make sure the patient isn't experiencing anything that would steer them down the road to suicide. Encouragement to do your hobbies or reach out to others, etc is usually effective.

Once past that little window of "This person is depressed *AND* motivated", anti-depressants have the chance to make life easier for the patient. So in effect, it's not a specific side effect like dry mouth, but the result of brain chemistry helping you feel more motivated. It just so happens some feel more motivated to kill themselves than others.

Thank you. Good post and helped explain to me "the why" on the suicide think.

Regarding side effects, I find the info sheets (when readable) contain useful percentages of the side effects. I believe that if they were presented to people properly most people would be able to make better choices on their own.

Comment Re:Goodwill & Dell Computer (Score 1) 274

Ha! good snark.

Back to my point...

A midden (also kitchen midden or shell heap; from early Scandinavian; Danish: mødding, Swedish regional: mödding)[1] is an old dump for domestic waste[2] which may consist of animal bone, human excrement, botanical material, vermin shells, sherds, lithics (especially debitage), and other artifacts and ecofacts associated with past human occupation.

These features, therefore, provide a useful resource for archaeologists who wish to study the diet and habits of past societies.

Comment Re:Cheating at Tournaments (Score 1) 105

I might mention that, depending on the game and architecture, it sometimes happens that the local client is "catching up" to the server. You give the local client the command to fire, and you start firing. On the server, though, the opponents action was registered before your fire command. And you die, though you "clearly" see that you shot first. Sort of a reverse Greedo.

Comment Re: Hijacked! (Score 1) 303

A big leap could only come from China or another country run by people who are not limited by public perception.

This is certainly one of the advantages of dictatorships and monarchies. If, and a big if, the person that managed to get the job is actually capable of doing something else besides what it takes to get the job.

Comment Re:This happens to dumb cars as well... (Score 1) 102

Ditto w/ Ford Taurus 87. My Dad had said "This isn't our car" and I said "I just opened the door" and he said "oh, well then..." and I started the car. He got in and his 6+ foot frame was scrunched up because the seat was moved forward. I said "This isn't our car". In his 80+ years he had never seen anything like that. We got a good kick out of that.

Comment Re:Will it be entertaining? (Score 1) 87

Frankly, if can't handle crashes (cheaply), and isn't aggressively designed like the units in RoboWars, no-one will watch. Robo competitions don't have a big following atm, but if millions of dollars were pumped into the sport, and if a few good crashes and lot's of bumper car action, then maybe. After all, most of the world can't believe that eSports is a thing, so who knows?

For the human element, we could toss all the operators and techs into a mosh pit during the race.

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