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Comment how? (Score 1) 883

How can we justify doing that while increasing the social security age? Why not lower it instead? If we go with the assumption that the knowledge economy is what makes people obsolete, then why not ensure basic living conditions for those who (because of their advanced age) are at a disadvantage when it comes to learning new skills?

Comment citation count is a poor measure (Score 1) 97

Yes, I know it's pretty standard, but it's about as telling as the klines count in code. This is true not only of this particular field of research. It's a problem in academia in general. The whole publish-or-perish system encourages it and at some point the publication volume reaches a critical mass where extra information starts to take away from the understanding of the subject. Knowledge requires culling of unnecessary information. And the chase for higher citation count does nothing to encourage new approaches which obviate a lot of old approaches. On a lighter note, "Mr. President, we must not allow a citation gap!" (Dr. Strangelove homage).

Comment we'll punish you and you won't even know it? (Score 1) 396

Does that not defeat the whole purpose of a punishment? They are not talking about preventive measures.... Punishment is supposed to deter future behavior by making it obvious that it brings about consequences. Is this something that needs to be explained to the father of two children (who is sometimes known as POTUS)?

Comment Re:"programs" -- not "codes" (Score 1) 101

Just to follow up, I just looked through the NYTimes article itself, and no "codes" does not appear in it. "Computer code" does. And while "code" is singular, "computer code" is always taken to be plural. So "codes" sounds just as harsh as "maths" to a North American English speaker (even though "maths" has sipped its way into British usage).

Comment Re:"programs" -- not "codes" (Score 1) 101

And as many of these were highly classified. DoD contractors had not yet begun outsourcing top secret work to India

The "codes" was part of the article summary by slashdot. It was not part of the quote. In other words, it was written by whoever submitted the story to Slashdot. So this:

it was an American usage.

does not follow from the slashdot submission. Oh, and it's was never used by oldtimes. It is exclusively Indian. And it is very new. I think "Codechef" was the 1st place I saw it. And you don't have to believe it, but it won't change the fact that it sounds very harsh to the ears of all other English speakers.

Comment Re:Asinine. (Score 1) 438

Except Barney Franks is not a cookie member of the party. He wasn't even an out-of-step member (a la Kucinich) of the party. Barney Franks was an elected *ranking* (committee member) Congressman. He is bona fide part of the in-step leadership of the party. Referring to his statements is most definitely appropriate when discussing the party's agenda.

Comment Re:Asinine. (Score 1) 438

Nobody has tried to take away your guns. Stop.

Right. Just as almost no bill ever gets a veto. They only bother voting for bills which have been negotiated with the executive not to be vetoed. If they don't have the votes, they don't bother trying to do anything. If they have the votes and it serves their agenda. they will do it even if they said a million times and swore on a million bibles that they would never do it. "No one has tried it yet" is a very crude attempt to appeal to survivor bias (see

Comment Re:Asinine. (Score 1) 438

How about keeping them out of the hands of convicted felons who lost the right to have a firearm?

Keeping them out of their hands? If it's already illegal for them to own guns, you don't additional legislature to make more guns illegal. You just need more budget for police to enforce existing laws. It's not illegal for anyone to possess blueprints to anything (unless there are IP laws involved). So felons who can't own guns, can own blueprints for guns. Once you go down the path of limiting felons' speech rights, you'll be an earshot away from other laws criminalizing unwanted or "dangerous" speech.

Comment Re:Asinine. (Score 1) 438

If you are a liberal-"liberal" (so you are over 35), you might not be as much of an extremist as the modern brand of the Democratic Party (which is neo-Communist). I've heard Barney Frank (who was still in office at the time) talk with lament about the fact that Lenin (I am not making this up or exagerating... I don't have a link... I heard him say it on TV)... Lenin (!!!) wasn't able to finish the job world-wide. So calling them neo-Communist is not even an exaggeration. It's an accurate description of their long-term goals.

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