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Journal Journal: How many boxes? 1

I use to work at UUNET, I moved my office many times. The last few times I had six boxes, then eight. I didn't even unpack four boxes after my last move (and I was in that office for about two years), I did paw through them, so they were about half full. When I left I dragged out more then eight boxes (I think).

I have been at my new job for a while, maybe 8 months. I just packed up my office. I couldn't fill half a box. Ok, I took all my framed pictures home (so Office Movers can't break them), and one book (it's hard to replace). Still, I could fill a half box. Really.

Pretty pathetic for a pack rat like me.

Of corse I was at the last job for nine years...

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Journal Journal: More lights!

Got one more light, it's the B400, the smallest monolight AlienBees makes. It is about 1/4 the power of my other two lights (White Lighting X1600s). I'm going to use the B400 as a hair light. I also got four honeycomb grids, the 10 which makes a spot about two feet around on the far wall, 20, 30, and 40 which I just haven't tried yet since the 10 does what I want (hmmmm, I wonder why I payed the extra $60 for the other two then...).

I also went out and got a ($3) halogen bulb to replace the wimpy one that the B400 came with.

The hair light stand was pretty cheep, but it doesn't go down below about two feet, which may make it hard to hide in some shots (like anything with someone laying on the floor).

So far I'm quite happy with it, but I need to take some more shots. It's a shame I didn't know about the bees since I think the B1600 would work as well for me as the X1600s and they are way cheeper. Ah well. At least I saved on the hair lights...

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