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Comment Re:The answer to malvertising (Score 3, Insightful) 116

Common carrier protects ISPs. It does not protect website operators. It most certainly does not protect people who serve third party ads containing malware. They are in the same boat as people who sell contaminated food supplied by third parties.

The consumer has right of redress against whoever supplies them.

Except in America, where the criminal has the rights to whatever he can get away with.

Comment Free speech? (Score 1) 175

I'm here to announce that if I get a robo call from a political candidate, I will under no circumstance vote for that person.
I encourage everyone else to do the same.

If your opponent starts making fake robo calls to trick me into not voting for you, I guess you should have tried harder to ban their use.

Later suckers!

Comment Re:Since neither is getting elected (Score 1) 251

the first-past-the-post Presidency

Another thing that is NOT established by the constitution. We are a republic, with great deference given to the individual states. The constitution leaves it up to each state to decide how they will choose their electors in the presidential election. If you don't like how your state does it, work on your state legislators. If you don't like how another state does it, move to that state and work on the legislature there.

Doesn't the candidate with the most electoral votes win? How is that not first-past-the-post?

Comment Re: Since neither is getting elected (Score 1) 251

It may not matter in 20 years (possibly less), if the US government is forced to begin defaulting on its debts. That time is coming. That, or it will be scaling back benefits and other promises / government services past the bare minimum.

What are you taking about? The US government can print the currency in which it borrows. It will never default unless it decides it wants to, for some reason. The US government literally has unlimited money. It can spend without taxing or borrowing, and it can print the money to pay its debts. There are consequences to money printing, depending on how its done. But the Fed tripled the money supply (tripled!) after 2008 and we have not had runaway inflation.

So no, the US government will not be forced to default on its debt, or scale back benefits. If either of those things are done it will be for political reasons, not monetary.

Comment Re:Class-Action? (Score 1) 103

Or they consider Win 10 to be the patch. The free-upgrade period ending kind of undermines that claim. They should leave the option open indefinitely. Then they can simply say, "Yes we are supporting Windows 7, the support is to apply the patch that upgrades to Win 10 and beyond at no cost to you."

Comment Re:+1 Snowden, Manning. -1 Ulbricht (Score 1) 251

Manning didn't blow any whistles. It was falsely claimed that he revealed war crimes, but once the legitimate combat actions were revealed and analyzed by people who actually know what constitutes a war crime no crimes were found. Manning simply applied a hoover to the classified network and then dumped it to WikiLeaks out of spite because he was mad at the Army. He committed espionage and is rightly serving a nice long term as a result. We the tax payers should not be paying one cent towards gender association treatments. He's doing hard time.

Snowden was a whistleblower on the NSA Surveillance. He committed espionage on the rest of the Classified information regarding international intelligence operations that he stole and revealed. If we get our hands on him, he will be convicted and also spend many years behind bars. He would have gotten a pass had he just stopped at the surveillance program.

Comment Re:Since neither is getting elected (Score 1) 251

Who is paying for the GP to post the facts. The NSA surveillance revelation was good he would have had whistleblower protection for it. The rest of the stuff he's revealed about our international intelligence collection efforts is why he will not receive an amnesty and should not receive on. Nothing about what the GP posted was a shill. In short You fail. But then you are too cowardly to take credit for your misguided opinion.

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