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Comment Re:1984 is not a utopia (Score 1) 95

I'm saying that they have the capability of doing it. And many people are being recorded without knowing it.

Theoretically Google's privacy agreement prevents them from doing it without your permission. But if they went ahead anywhere there would not be any major consequences, and the easiest would be to update the agreement to allow exceptions.

The agreement makes it clear that the recorders do turn into data for Google. Theoretically they took steps to anonymize the recordings, but the next time you see an ad for a retirement home the same month you've been talking about putting your parents into a retirement home you're going to wonder aren't you?

Comment Re:I'm not surprised. (Score 1) 769

The Republican weaponization of Clinton's misdeed was to claim that this behaviour made Bill unfit to govern.

Jeesh! Are Democrats STILL spreading that lie!?

The "weaponization" was about Bill Clinton LYING under oath about this example of sexual harassment in a court case about a previous example of sexual harassment. He lost his law license and paid a $600,000 fine for his infraction (if I'm remembering correctly).

Comment Re: Great idea... But there is a problem... (Score 1) 256

Delta-V costs are not the only criteria.

The number one limiting factor of any space vehicle is cost per kg at launch. NASA could build a Mars vehicle any size they wanted except they have to figure a way to get it in orbit without spending the entire budget to launch it.

Irrelevant when the number one defining factor of STS is how much pork can be siphoned off to spend into each supporting senator's district and not whether or not it helps the an extremely improbable Mars mission or even just the improbable "planned" moon flyby.

You're the one proposing that it is "easier [to] refuel at the moon" [sic] so the onus is on you to detail how much developing a moon base

I am not proposing. I am relaying what has been proposed.

We're not in junior high here, you can stop trying to play semantic games. You bring the subject to the conversation, you defend it. Knowing that there is hydrogen on the Moon does not mean that it is under the form of water ices nor how accessible it is nor how difficult and expensive harvesting it may be.

sufficient to perform extraction of fuel/oxidizer and the means to transfer them to earth launched vehicles are versus doing so from earth.

No oxidizer is required for electrolysis.

You cannot know that lunar hydrogen is in the form of water ice, have not proven it's accessibility, have not proven that you have worked out the process to develop it as a usable ressource nor proven that you can do so for less than it will cost at that point in time to deliver from earth. Pray do so now.

Don't forget that spending billions to develop a rarely used infrastructure is precisely the point that most critics of NASA have at present...

1) I didn't say it would be easy. I said it would be "easier".

Proof? Nah you don't have proof (indeed you _cannot_ at present) and if this post is any indication you'll try playing semantic games again to attempt to avoid answering.

2) How much fuel is left in a space vehicle after Earth orbit is reached? Very little. There's a reason most space probes use gravity assists to speed them towards their destination. And being unmanned they don't have constraints on time and resources that manned missions will have.

Oooh, ooh I know this one! it's because Nasa, being hobbled by the U.S legislature never invested significantly in lowering the cost of launching mass to orbit, preferring to spend the money on futile studies as the only meaningful yardstick became $$$/district.

3) NASA has been directed to do something; you may not like what they propose but that doesn't mean they can refuse to do it. Get to Mars is directive. For NASA that means getting to the Moon again.

You seem to have been living in a cave with no contact with the exterior for the last few months. Allow me to enlighten you: Nasa's congressional masters and the president have changed. No-one knows exactly what the implications are yet but Trump's declarations that cost cutting is more important than rockets to nowhere means that the directives are to change soon and Mars is not likely to be a directive for much longer.

"Current" NASA plans have a tendency to change with administrations.

Engineering and numbers don't change with administrators. Math is math. What is the cost of launching directly from Earth vs launching from the moon.

Spoken like someone who lives off of studies that will never come to fruition.

Comment Re:Astroturfing Trolls (Score 5, Informative) 769

Sadly the left avoids all truth and distorts everything they can for division and agenda.

You would have done better to leave this part out. It is not the "left" that does this, but people in general. It's pretty easy to find examples of this on the right as well. They elected Donal Trump, after all. Neither side of the political divide has a monopoly on subordinating the truth to their agenda.

Comment Re:Prove it! (Score 5, Interesting) 769

I see an allegation with no facts. Anyone working in IT understands how to make a screenshot, if not how to log a chat session. Yet no evidence is presented, and what would the easiest thing be for this person to do? Save evidence, because sexual harassment is ILLEGAL.

Your claim (repeated) that you have to be the victim to see sexual harassment on the scale she is claiming is moronic. It would be visible to at least everyone on that team. There would be more than one claim from more than one person if it was that rampant. In the event it was just her and she over-hyped the scale, she could have this thing called evidence. Yet there is no evidence, just allegations. I'll wait for the court case, and would be willing to bet a paycheck that no evidence is forthcoming.

Sorry, but there are no groups of dudes hanging around conspiring on how to fuck over, and fuck, women in the company. Quite the opposite, since the virtue signalling SJWs are rampant in SF and would have busted the boss to make a name for themselves.

You clearly didn't RTFA. She has extensive email and chat records to back up her claims. Yes, I am taking her word for it. But if you are accusing her of lying about it, it is you who need to provide evidence.

And yes, there actually are groups of dudes conspiring how to fuck women at the company. Not at every company of course. But I have seen such things at jobs I have had.

Comment Re: Great idea... But there is a problem... (Score 1) 256

I think you're confusing "a moon base" with "a full industrial infrastructure capable of producing complex objects". Even the concept that it would be cheaper to launch unrefined raw regolith from the moon cheaper than we can launch equivalent mass payloads from Earth anytime even remotely soon is absurd.

Nowhere did I say that NASA needs to rebuild and entire installation; however, in terms of fuel cost it is much easier to launch from the Earth to the moon then refuel at the moon to launch at Mars than to launch from Earth directly to Mars. Do the math.

Delta-V costs are not the only criteria. You're the one proposing that it is "easier [to] refuel at the moon" [sic] so the onus is on you to detail how much developing a moon base sufficient to perform extraction of fuel/oxidizer and the means to transfer them to earth launched vehicles are versus doing so from earth. Don't forget that spending billions to develop a rarely used infrastructure is precisely the point that most critics of NASA have at present...

Earth is where industry is. The fact that we're a deep gravity well increases costs, but that difference is nothing compared to the difference in industrial capacities on and off Earth. Every production process has feedstock and consumables dependency chains. Those have dependency chains, and those have further chains, to a massive network of ever-increasing complexity. One of the worst dependencies is humans, which in turn spawn massive dependency chains.

Current NASA plans have the moon as a refueling point. That requires a moon base.

"Current" NASA plans have a tendency to change with administrations.

Comment Re:Hyperbole stew (Score 0) 500

Funny, I've always thought that "they hate us for our freedoms" was a joke, and understood as such by everyone.

No. Many do hate Americans for their freedoms.

Many people believe that an individual should not have the freedom to speak out; especially against the government.

Many people think that an individual should not be free to practice whatever religion they want (Islam!).

Many people think that the state is the center of existence, not the individual.

Many people want strong and dominating government that tell people what they should be doing, unlike America where you can do whatever you want, including sitting on your ass doing nothing.

Comment Re:Windows (Score 1) 203

Point is that once you go into Steam and pick a game, chances are that the Windows version of it is more fully featured than the Linux version.

I have not noticed any differences. You will need to provide proof/examples.

In the case of Civ VI, the Windows version is out (albeit new) but the Linux one is almost out.

It is out now. They tried to sell it to me last week for $49.99 which I declined.

Other games, like Civ V - the Windows version is more fully featured than the Linux one.

I have played Civ V on Windows and Linux. I failed to notice any differences. Perhaps you can provide significant details?

Long story short, if you are an intense gamer who wants to try everything, like my son, then you will use primarily Windows for games. For myself, I do not need much. DOTA, Skyrim, and Civ V eat up massive amounts of time by themselves. God forbid I should do any of the survival games like Ark or Rust. Rocket League is fun for quick gameplay. I still occasionally play Command and Conquer Red Alert.

FYI, Skyrim is drop dead gorgeous at 4k resolutions. I play in a window at 3584(?)x2016 so I can get the largest window possible without being full screen. Still haven't found a reasonable way to do that on Windows.

Comment Operating System (Score 2) 203

The definition of an OS is that it controls all resources of a computer and shares them between the applications.

That is at best a description of some operating systems.

Some operating systems control some computer resources. Some share the resources that they control.

To quote Hamlet:

There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,
Than are dreamt of in your philosophy

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