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Comment Re:A few misconceptions there. MORE elastic (Score 1) 149

Once steel reaches plastic elongation, there's no further gain in tensile strength to be had, so you have to design respecting the limit of elastic deformation either way. Then you apply working safety factors, but i don't see why they would be any different unless the tensile strength of CF was more intrinsically variable than steel - it isn't tmk. And of course, it has quite different properties anyway so it's never going to be like-for-like in design.

Your point about inspection and detection of defects is correct. But after a generation or two of commercial development of Composites and CF manufacturing techniques there are other ways to monitor structural health appropriate to the material: Airbus 350 and Boeing 787 have composite fuselages etc and they will reliably detect any defect in the laminate in good time, I certainly hope they will.

Comment Re:Permissions (Score 1) 278

Yup. When the business model is data, fake data is the way forward (for us who inexplicably distrust them). This concept needs to be massively extended, in fact. I shouldn't try to hide my data, I should flood with incorrect and meaningless data. You can run fake-data, but you can't hide. If only Streisand had known (or had a good geek friend). She only had to knock out a few fakes, pollute the search index and hey, no meme.

Comment Re:It's wildly unlikely we should exist (Score 1) 267

Well, what if the odds you quote were actually ten thousandth of one percent? 1 in 10**6
stars: 10**9 x 10**9 = 10**18
ILife: 10**6 x 10**6 x 10**6 = 10**18
That's one planet with ILife

and at your odds:
ILife: 10**4 x 10**4 x 10**4 = 10**12
That's 'only' 10**6 planets with ILife

Furthermore that's over a period of something like 10**9 'years' or whenever second generation stars started (no ILife possible on a first generation star). Our Intelligence Life has been around for 10**5 years. Which means the odds of two ILife species existing contemporaneously (or shifted for speed of light) is slim.

Although, in case of Earth, I would expect more intelligent species to arise. The diversity, raw material and time still available for further evolution would make it highly unlikely our species will be the last (ILife) on this planet. I think once life establishes on a planet, it's highly tenacious.

Comment Re:Law Firms are Cheap (Score 2) 155

"they had a single, 7 year old server running Linux with Samba emulating an NT domain (for a totally Windows environment) not because they believe in Linux but because they wouldn't spring for a Windows Server license."

Failing to see the fail here. Of course, if you mean 7-year old unpatched or orphaned software then you have a point. but samba on linux serving files to MS - it does that rather well.

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