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Comment The question people ought to be asking themselves (Score 0) 260

If he is truly giving this money back to a foundation, which is tax exempt and accountable only to itself, is it more about charity or about power and influence. If you wanted to be charitable you could have actually made your product less expensive, or you could remit that money to the government instead which is governed by the people. Instead what he is doing is creating an alternative power structure, much in the same way that the vatican is a power structure, meant to allow his power and influence last a "100 years".

Comment Anonymous rape claims (Score 4, Informative) 399

its like 4chan, for rape.

But seriously, as soon as I saw the ada initiative on there, i knew it was bullshit. Selena Deklemann herself tried to entrap me once as an enemy of feminsts, by trying to cajoule me into going to meet her behind the florist dumpster alone, and after i repeatedly refused accused me of harassing her at Open Source Bridge.

Then there is the matter that the founder of the ada initaitive, which is also listed in there, currently has a federal case open for a false rape claim against her husband, among others that she has made over the years to others, except for the fact that she killed herself over the issue. Schwern vs Plunkett

Comment Re:All right! (Score 3, Insightful) 196

Its not as if the industry is setting up gender quotas and free schools specifically for women, the pew study indicates that women have a 2 to 1 advantage in odds of being hired in tech. They see some discrepency in the population figures, and think that any disparity is due to some 'oppression', instead of people choosing to do what they want, in reality its the older devs lot who are discriminated against.

There ought to be a distinction made between computer scientists and computer artisans, these bootcamps are really quite shitty and churn out the worst talent. What I've noticed is that most of the female positions in the 'tech' industry aren't in 'technology', they are in fields that USE technology and not PRODUCE technology, especially the disproportionate numbers of them in 'evangelist', HR, outreach, community managers, business, etc.

Comment Many Ed Tech Innovations are Indoctrination (Score 1) 61

A friend of mine named Seattle for Truth has been doing research into the ED tech craze, in addition I have been involved with education because my wife is an educator, It appears that ED tech has a deleterious effect of both reducing attention spans, in addition to indoctrinating children to think with feelings.


There is a saying that whomever controls your eyes controls your mind, and in the case of Brown v. Entertainment Merchants Association, they call games as ideal methods of modeling behavior, by essentially getting the participants to model the behavior they want via mirror neurons.

Comment Crowdfund sell it back to the community. (Score 1) 16

What i really see, is that dice doesn't like the real politick of slashdot, so why not just sell it back to its community.

The community would be a much better steward for it, than its current bean counter business administrators.

The voting shares would be owned by the participants of the crowdfunding campaign.

Comment Re:Rackettering Influenced And Corrupt Organizatio (Score 1) 727

Well, Renee James did get fired the day after I went to the US Attorneys office and the FBI to investigate her for the hiring quotas and connection to John Kitzhaber

Similarly http://uomatters.com/2014/05/bonine-goes-to-asuo-and-the-students-vote-to-help-revise-student-conduct-code.html#comment-71524

Comment Rackettering Influenced And Corrupt Organizations (Score -1, Flamebait) 727

What do you think about the feminists in the tech industry who are actively breaking the law by discriminating on the basis of gender and race, being that the case laws and states statues explicitly prohibit such discrimination, and the supreme court itself think that the use of "diversity" is a weasel word for discrimination?

Comment Re:I don't think it'll ever really happen (Score 0, Troll) 335

Dear uid 665546

Your intellectual abilities are lacking, Gamergate was a result of rich entitled women, who had nothing better to do but complain about bullshit. Perhaps if they were able to tolerate criticism, without retreating with cries of tears for not being respected, they could actually deal with the 'real world' of meritocracy. Their time is better spent helping you know, the ones where that struggle to find meals, and hoping to god they don't get an insect borne disease. Instead they complain about how harsh reality is in this first class welfare state, and how everyone must bend to a reality which doesn't actually exist.

Submission + - NetworkManager 1.0 Released After Ten Years Development (phoronix.com)

An anonymous reader writes: After ten years of development focused on improving and simplifying Linux networking, NetworkManager 1.0 was released. NetworkManager 1.0 brings many features including a increasingly modernized client library, improved command-line support, a lightweight internal DHCP client, better Bluetooth support, VPN enhancements, WWAN IPv6 support, and other features.

Comment Re:False equivalence much? (Score 3, Insightful) 518

Considering that china puts people in prison and harvests their organs, for nothing more than their religious affiliation, it seems reasonable that the market will lead to other "externalities".

Al Roth has done great work with market design, and how to get organs to the people that need them most, by matching incompatible donors reciprocally, however this is another chicago-school "free market fixes everything" nonsense.

Considering the "quality adjusted life years" are coming from somewhere, and most dead people can't consent or benefit from a sale, unless of course you put them into indentured servitude first and "collect" assets upon death.

Comment Self medication (Score 0, Redundant) 382

Many people who have psychotic episodes, feel the need to prevent those psychotic episodes, and will be "self medicating" themselves. Its similar to saying that people who take lithium salts are more likely to develop psychosis, while there may certainly be a causation there is no correlation. This is why we have twin studies after all.

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