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Comment Re:Strange Logic (Score 1) 219

Manning wasn't pardoned. He had his sentence commuted. That means, in the view of the US government, she'd served enough of his sentence, not that the government agreed with what he did. This was after 7 years of imprisonment, during which time she was tortured. The US government can take the position that what Manning did was wrong, and something it wants to discourage, while still feeling that she had suffered enough.

Snowden hasn't been tried or convicted, and as a result the US government cannot reasonably say he's been "punished enough" without their position being that leaking state secrets isn't a crime that rises to the level of any punishment at all.

That's the logic behind pardoning Manning but not Snowden.

Comment Re: False premise (Score 1) 482

if MS pushes the issue, they will lose industry to linux, and they know it.

I would have thought would know something like that too, but recent decisions have me scratching my head. Either the NSA is hitting them REALLY hard or they are utterly fucking disconnected from reality. Decisions from Microsoft just boggle the mind over the past few years. Utterly disconnected from reality. No sight at all of cause and effect. No sight at all on how Windows 10 affects businesses. Just blows the mind.

They seem to totally not even consider how a business would feel using software that could give advantages to their competitors. It blows my mind.

Comment Re:Price has other factors (Score 1) 89

I suspect that sentence was mangled between brain and keyboard, because a hallmark of cheap* phones is that they don't get updates, and the entire point of the sentence is to suggest that Android One devices are superior to regular cheap phones.

* Yeah, OK, let's be honest, almost all Android phones, cheap or not, don't get updated.

Comment Re:One can hope (Score 1) 124

"The UNIX way" was to have multiple, not quite compatible, complete operating systems from multiple vendors such as HPUX, Solaris, IRIX, etc. Porting your software between those was a considerable effort, and in fact a whole standardisation body (posix) has sprung up around efforts to make those systems at least nominally compatible. And in later years, the Linux way was quite similar, with LSB attempting to keep distributions at least nominally compatible with each other, but the effort of porting an application from one distribution to another still going by the name of "porting".

I have no idea in which dimension your UNIX way happened, but it wasn't this one.

Perfect troll or perfect idiot? No idea. Don't care.

Comment Re:Best fucking part (Score 1) 763

So just to be clear, Britain and Sweden are organizing a very public extradition process so that the two nations can cooperate with a secret request by the US to (illegally, in both countries) kidnap Assange, transfer him to Saudi Arabia, and torture him there?

Why bother? Why not just let the US do the kidnapping on British soil?

Comment Re:Your move, Assange.... (Score 1) 763

I think everyone's missing the major loophole here. I'm not sure there even is an extradition request from the US for Assange, but even if there is one, the laws an Australian citizen can be prosecuted for regarding US secrets are dubious.

The actual extradition request that actually matters, the one the UK has agreed to, is to Sweden. Assange doesn't mention that one.

As you point out, it's not offer for a some future negotiation of a treaty. And as others have pointed out, "Clemency" somehow only meaning "pardoning" isn't Assange's escape route either. But it'd be interesting if he was extradited to the US, and then promptly extradited to Sweden.

Comment Re:Renault Zoe (Score 1) 458

And then you run across monsters like me. I drive until my fuel tank is close to empty... so roughly about 4 hours non-stop. I fill my tank, use the restroom, etc in under 5 minutes and I am back on the road again. I typically drive 18 hours with stops only for fuel. I have driven 38 hours straight before. I put 30k miles on my new car in the first 3 months I owned it.

I am... a driving maniac. I love driving (not commuting, that is not driving). Oddly, I have been considering getting a Tesla but I have no illusions at all about how far I can go and how fast. I test drove one and it seems like a nice car to drive. I may get one as a 4th vehicle. It will NEVER be a distance vehicle until I can swap battery packs out instead of recharging.

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