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Journal sqrt(2)'s Journal: I've Cleared My "Foes" List 8

I think keeping an "enemies" list is a petty and juvenile thing to do, especially on a site like Slashdot that is supposed to be an open forum for the free exchange of ideas on tech and science subjects. Hiding opinions you don't agree with can only harmful to yourself not to mention quality of the discourse as a whole.

So with that in mind am no longer going to be setting people as foes for any reason. All the people on my list already are being removed, unfortunately Slashdot's friend/foe system seems to have a limit in how many people you can add and remove from your lists and how fast because it keeps locking me out. It was twelve hours between the first rounds that I was able to remove and the second, but slowly they will all be removed.
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I've Cleared My "Foes" List

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  • Do it to avoid reading stuff by idiots. Anyone using it to mark their enemies is wasting a perfectly good tool.
    • by sqrt(2) ( 786011 )
      That was my original intention as well. After seeing the feature discussed numerous times, and reevaluating my own use of it, I came to realize that as a tool for that purpose it is just too coarse and inaccurate to serve much good. I continuously saw people I had marked as a foe (for good reasons I believed) making legitimately good posts. The system has nothing in place for people who correct their behavior or are only occasionally inflammatory. I fear I may have caught some people at their worst, and jud
      • by Trillan ( 597339 )
        As a former foe, I always wondered what exactly I said that pissed you off so. I actually looked through your posts trying to figure out where we disagreed on such a level that my posts weren't worth reading. I never did figure it out.

        For what it's worth, my foes list is limited to a Sollog sock puppet. He hasn't posted in a long time, so maybe I should remove him.
  • My foes list consists of people who have differing viewpoints than my own on one or more subjects. I have them at +1 so I can make sure I'm not just hearing my own echo chamber all the time. Sometimes people with different opinions are worth reading, too...

    My freaks are modded up +5. I like to see stuff from the people who hate me.

    What I really wish is that there were an ignore list. I've been tempted to use my foes list as an ignore list for a long time, but I feel that most of the people I'd like to i
  • I browse at -1 anyway since I lost faith in the moderation system eons ago.
  • I decided to read this because I just started using my foes list for one person. they have a not work safe and just plain disgusting link in their sig. its childish to try to trick a person into looking at a mans distended anus http://xkcd.com/318/ [xkcd.com] . I considered that they may one day have something truly insightful to say and decided that someone else will repeat what they said when the "dup" of the article where the idea was first posted comes up, trying to pass it off as their own. if one day the link is

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