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Comment Microsoft spyware purge (Score 5, Informative) 379

If you disable the "recommended updates" you don't appear to get any of the "old" telemetry - but it may all be back in the rollups and we would never know.

The old telemetry updates could be removed with the following:

wusa /uninstall /kb:Patch# /quiet /norestart

The patches to remove are: 3065988, 3083325,3083324, 2976978, 3075853, 3065987, 3050265, 3050267, 3075851, 2902907, 3068708, 3022345, 2952664, 2990214, 3035583, 971033, 3021917, 3044374, 3046480, 3075249, 3080149.

Comment And Candy Crush Soda comes free! (Score 3, Interesting) 379

Microsoft believes that our PCs belong to them. They need to lose more market share.

The Windows app store is not something that we all want. It should be an optional add-on for all versions of Windows.

Some of us also like Aero. Windows 8 removed Aero simply because mobile devices could not run it well in Windows RT. We are asked to give up Aero solely because of Microsoft's mobile platform that failed in the market and was essentially discontinued.

Microsoft, we refuse.

Comment Re:Con? (Score 2) 373

They cheated if they broke the rules. Without knowing in details what the rules were, we can't say whether they cheated.

However we do know that a judge who knew in detail what the rules were required them to return the money. This being a civil case, we don't know if what they did was criminally illegal.

Comment Re:Libraries do: librarians *don't* (Score 1) 193

I could replace half the circulation of the library they're failing to perform usable work at with a couple of low powered, robust systems with access to JSTOR and good network connection, and cut their annual costs by at least one full-time salary

And how, pray tell, will the patrons check out those robust systems and that good network connection and take them home? You seem to lack a fundamental understanding of what makes a library different from, say, Wikipedia.

Comment Con? (Score 1) 373

Persuade (someone) to do or believe something by lying to them.
A confidence trick ... is an attempt to defraud a person or group after first gaining their confidence, used in the classical sense of trust.

I don't see where he lied, so I think the word is misapplied. The second definition comes a little bit closer, but casinos are very much aware that gamblers are adversaries, not allies.

Comment Making America great again (Score 5, Insightful) 128

What do people mean when they say "make America great again"? My understanding is that they want a USA which is making new innovative industries, employing lots of people in the USA with high paying jobs, and making profit in the process (the more the better.) Elon Musk is the poster child for doing all of those things - yet many people crying "Make America great again" are trying to tear him down. The kindest explanation is that they are so blinded by ideology that they can't think straight.

Comment Re:One can hope (Score 5, Insightful) 118

More importantly to me, I've used the old pile of shit for 20 years. I know how it works, I know its quirks and shortcomings, and I'm comfortable with all of that.

I have no particular aversion to trying new things. I ran ntpd for years, now I use chrony. I ran exim for years, now I use postfix. I ran apache for years, now I use both apache and nginx. I ran cvs for years, then svn for years, and am now aboard the git train. I was able to gradually step through all of those changes and take time to learn them properly. And when something went wrong along the way, the problem was isolated and I could troubleshoot it in isolation.

systemd on the other hand wants to implant itself underneath every aspect of the OS like a kludgey layer of Elmer's paste, where even such basic functionality as DNS resolution wants to worm its way through an unnecessary and complex intermediary service. Not to mention that when systemd goes tits up, it has a tendency to take the entire machine with it.

No thanks.

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