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Comment Stupid is as stupid reads on the Interneyt (Score 1) 368

First off, by referring to the question I asked as a 'conspiracy theory', you are suggesting that asking questions about the chain of evidence and motives of the parties involved is somehow a crazy crank idea. Subtle straw man type suggestion, there spanky.

It is possible that the DNC isn't saying anything on the advice of lawyers, or at the request of the FBI, CIA, NSA, military or other federal agencies, who are undoubtedly investigating the hell out of this. This was a cyber attack by a hostile foreign intelligence agency, not some script kiddies defacing a AOL web page, so there are going to be a lot of people looking into this.

It is also possible that the DNC is still trying to work out what is real and what isn't. A smart way to manipulate this sort of info is to leave 99% alone, and just change a few key things so there is an air of authenticity about it. It would take a little time to properly work out the dif of the two streams.

To be clear: I never said that the email isn't 100% authentic. I am just pointing out that only a truly stupid person wouldn't start asking a lot of questions about this info considering the source.

Comment Re:Why does this matter? (Score 1) 368

The real issue is the fact that DNC tried to stop Bernie with a few underhanded tactics.

Did they? Curious how you are completely willing to believe the authenticity of data that has been revealed to have come from Russian Intel. They are willing to hack into a server to influence US elections, but they aren't above altering content here and there to sew dissent?

Comment Then UNLOCK OUR BOOTLOADERS! (Score 4, Insightful) 70

No exceptions. A phone is a critical communications device, and if the OEM won't supply critical upgrades, then they must allow others to do so.

DMCA exceptions should be established, and vendors should not be allowed to sell phones within the U.S. without providing all required unlock keys into an escrow. Upon 6 months of patch inactivity, the keys go public.

Comment IN SOVIET RUSSIA...I..I just cant do it.... (Score 2, Informative) 368

Conspiring to violate 18 USC/599 is a federal crime.

Assuming that the e-mail is authentic. It might well be, but there should be some serious scrutiny of any evidence that has been 'dug up' by Russian intelligence running false flag ops to influence US elections. They might just be up to something....

Trump and Putin, what a pair they would make...I bet they would get on like Hitler and Mussolini...

Comment MS evil? Nah, probably just stupid... (Score 1) 313

I am having problems with the whole 'embrace/extend/extinguish' as a business plan. Here is the problem:

This is essentially behaving as a predatory monopoly. If anyone ever was to come forward and testify that this was the actual marching orders for a government, MS would get wrecked. While they have vast resources at their disposal, a few irate senators and judges have the power of the entire government.

Now, if this was a small company, they might be able to keep a lid on such designs, but this is a large, multinational company that has been around for the past thirty plus years. If you are telling me that they have the operational security to keep this plan hushed up for that long, with that many people involved, they are better at keeping secrets than every spy agency on the planet.

Remember, just ONE person who has knowledge of these plans has to go blab to ruin everything. It looks to me that MS is mostly blundering around like a drunk bull in a china shop, occasionally wrecking a former partner who happened to be in their path. These people aren't the cylons, they certainty dont have a plan...

Comment Re:Horse Shit (Score 4, Insightful) 313

Valve quit crying because they got bored with SteamOS. A major problem with Valve's "flat" model of no bosses and no structure is that they only work on something if they find it interesting. Once they get bored, it languishes. Half Life 3 is a great example. There was clearly more story to tell, they left it unfinished, and there is clearly market demand for a sequel to the point it would be virtually assured to make money. So why hasn't it happened? Because they aren't interested in it right now. It's not a business or creative decision, it is that people are playing with other shit.

Valve is now fascinated with VR and eSports so that is where most of their energy is going. They are the shiny new toys they like, until they change their mind and chase something else. So SteamOS is in the same general boat as Steam itself in that they work on it a bit and maintain it, but there isn't a lot going on because there are few people interested in it.

Also I think they thought that SteamOS and Steam Machines would be like Steam itself: minimal effort on their part and people would just flock to them and use them in droves. Instead the market has responded with a resounding "meh". They'd need to put in a lot more effort to have a chance of making it happen and they don't want to do that.

Comment There is no, it is doomsaying (Score 2) 313

Maybe it'll end up being true, but so far there is zero evidence. The only thing so far they've done that would in any way limit Steam is that their universal applications (what used to be called Metro) are Windows Store only. So you can't sell those on Steam. Ok, except nobody but MS makes those because nobody gives a shit. The "universal" part doesn't matter, MS's phones and tablets are in their final dying moments so there's no need to make something that runs both on real Windows and Windows RT/Phone.

At this point Win32/64 programs run better and have less limitations, and also have the advantage of running on all versions of Windows not just 10, so that is what people keep making. MS themselves are releasing their games using their new UWP format, of course, but nobody else seems to give a shit.

So it is a meaningless limitation for now. Programs using an API nobody uses won't work with Steam. Who cares? Other than that, nothing has changed or been limited. Steam runs great on Windows 10.

Will something change in the future? We'll have to wait and see. There's no evidence now though, because it hasn't happened. This is a doomsday prediction, and like most doomsday predictions it is based on what the predictor feels to be true, not actual evidence.

Comment Ummm... no (Score 1) 313

For one, they haven't done anything yet. This is Tim Sweeny doomsaying. Now maybe his predictions will be accurate but they are false right now. Presently, Steam works excellent in Windows 10. You download it, install it, and it just works as it does on any other platform. They have done nothing to stop it from working.

You can't scream about "abuse" when nothing has happened. That is like claiming someone robbed you when they didn't actually take anything from you or even say anything to you they just "look sketchy, like they might rob you."

Second, all the monopoly stuff has gone out the windows with Apple around now. You can't argue MS is a monopoly in the desktop arena with Apple selling tons of their products. Macbooks are trendy as hell and all kinds of people buy them. Having a major, viable, competitor defacto makes someone not a monopoly. Same deal in servers to an even larger extent as Linux is huge in the server market. And in phones? Shit MS is hardly a player.

They aren't in a monopoly position anymore, so anti-monopoly arguments don't work.

Comment Thanks for all the oil, here is the leftovers..... (Score 1) 246

it's incredible how much better some of my cousins can handle the heat better than I can. That wasn't the case when I lived there. I remember reading about it taking a few weeks for your blood to become thinner and more capillaries to grow in your skin which helps you cool off.

I am so very glad to hear that the people over there have the infrastructure and acclimation to handle it so well. They won't mind then if I crank up the thermostat another 10 degrees Fahrenheit, because it can get a little chilly up here in the north during the winters....

Comment Charging is a big issue (Score 2) 517

Bluetooth can work fine if you don't use something a lot, but headphones are the kind of thing you may wish to use for extended periods. I've never seen a BT device that isn't massive that has any staying power. Like I have a Plantronics Voyager Legend. This is a new, high end, and fairly large ear piece. It curves over your ear and has a unit that sits behind with electronics and a sizable battery in it. For all that, it is lucky to get maybe 6 hours of talk time fully charged (which will only get worse as the battery ages). Less if you use the high quality audio mode.

That's not great, and that is for a bigass part. You take something small, like the Earin phones one of our students has, and it is a bit over an hour if you are lucky. On the other hand my little Shure earbuds will work as long as the device feeding them will. Despite the cord, they are actually no larger to carry than the Plantronics earpeice as well. Oh, and they work with my computer, my phone, my receiver, and so on with no fiddling, just plug and go.

I don't hate BT audio devices, but earbuds have good reasons to exist.

Comment Re:Headphone Jack is Pretty Crappy (Score 1) 517

Ya unless Apple makes really shitty connectors on their products, I'm failing to see how this isn't a case of user error (or someone making shit up). I can't think of the last time I've seen a 3.5mm TRS plug fail. I make a lot of use of them between my personal devices for listening to music and connecting computers to capture/presentation setups at work. I really honestly can't remember when I last experienced one fail on me. I'm not saying it never happens, but it is rare enough that it isn't even a problem I consider. They are quite reliable, in no small part because they are dead fucking simple.

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