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Comment Re:what (Score 1) 294

If your ISP does IPV6 they'll delegate a /56 or larger prefix to you, and you can assign addresses out of it however you want.

Consumer ISPs will almost certainly not delegate reverse DNS to you, though.

I seriously can't believe how attached people are to NAT, though. Real addresses are SO MUCH better.

Comment Re:Good for them (Score 1) 474

Hey, if you're going to count private property, which the US govt has no claim to, you'll also need to count private debt. So now you're over $60 trillion.

But as to what's reasonable, well, that depends on interest rates. I think since the Fed started monetizing the debt though that everyone in power obviously has realized the reasonable point is well past.

Long term, if your debt is growing faster than GDP, you're going to eventually be screwed, regardless of the interest rate.

Comment Re:So it's boom and bust? (Score 1) 414

You joke but obviously there's no clear line. It is true though that the top .1% own something like 23% of all wealth in the US. The top 1% own 34%. And the top 20% own 85% of everything. Somewhere in there is the "ruling class". I'm thinking it's closer to the guys who can get Obama or Yellen on the phone when they call and who own large yachts than it is your average company VP, though.

Lots of people get into the top 20%, at least for a while. I am, even, at just a normal wage-slave job, and I certainly don't rule anything.

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