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Comment Re:It's not just low skilled labor (Score 1) 296

Go buy a Bronze policy via the exchange and try again...

That would be $350 per month the last time I checked it on the CA exchange. I also don't qualify for subsidies because I make too much money.

Saying everyone has insurance they can't find a doctor for and can't afford to pay for the coverage anyway is a lie while the health insurance companies laugh to the bank...

I had that problem before ObamaCare ever existed.

Comment Re:San Jose must be in the middle... (Score 1) 177

How did you find a studio for so cheap?

I got my studio apartment in 2005 after the dot com bust and everyone moved out of Silicon Valley. Since the apartment complex was built before 1978, the city of San Jose limited rent increases to 8% per year (recently reduced to 5% per year). Back then I paid $810 per month, $199 for deposit and got a free microwave oven for signing a one-year lease. My current rent of $1,466 per month is $300 per month below the "luxury" rates that's currently being charged.

Comment Re:It's not just low skilled labor (Score 1) 296

You mean 24 million Americans have crappy expensive health insurance that isn't affordable because the deductibles will bankrupt them?

You're confused. Not having an insurance will bankrupt you. A trip to ER could easily be $25K. Under my $2,400 per year policy through my employer, my deductible is $3,000. I could have gotten a cheaper policy with a $5,000 deductible, but $3,000 is what I can easily pay out of savings. Before ObamaCare, I used to pay $6,000 per year for health insurance.

Comment Re:It's not just low skilled labor (Score 1) 296

The goddamned 'personal mandate' HAS TO GO AWAY, and IDGAF whether fat lazy people who ruined their bodies get free bariatric surgery and triple heart bypass for FREE on MY MONEY or not, why the hell should I?

Before ObamaCare, I had to pay $6,000 per year or go uninsured. After ObamaCare, I pay $2,400 per year without subsidies and my small business employer gets tax credits to offer everyone better benefits. If the personal mandate goes away, so does my policy. BTW, I haven't been to the doctor in nearly 20 years.

Comment Re:It's not just low skilled labor (Score 1) 296

And, no matter, whether Obamacare was based on the Heritage Foundation article or not -- the end result is not what was debated in the article.

The end result included 200+ amendments sponsored or cosponsored by Republicans that went into the final bill. Since the Democrats had enough votes to pass the final bill, the Republicans sat on the sidelines while eating cake. ObamaCare was very much a bipartisan effort.

Comment Re:It's not just low skilled labor (Score 1) 296

I better be careful though, or you might get to the second stance of liberalism after taxes, censorship, and threaten to shoot me if I keep posting.

Have I Threatened To Shoot You Today? See my blog post and thanks for the ad revenue!

Comment Re:San Jose must be in the middle... (Score 1) 177

I think the real concern is that you're spending 35% of your salary on rent, and that's before taxes.

That's the lowest it has been in years. There were times in the past when I had to pay 50% for rent, which isn't unusual in Silicon Valley or other metropolitan areas. But I live a very modest lifestyle.

Comment Re:Ain't the 1980's anymore... (Score 1) 296

Ford just announced 1.2 billion USD of investment in 3 plants in Michigan; maybe you're full of shit

That's 130 new jobs. Whee!

The company will invest $150 million and create 130 jobs at an engine plant in Romeo for several vehicles, including Ranger and Bronco, at Romeo Engine Plant in Michigan.

Comment Re:It doesn't take 7 billion people (Score 1) 296

The GP mentioned millenia of dark ages... but the dark ages were actually significantly better for the average human than earlier ages [...]

Except when the Black Death reduced the European population by an estimated 75 to 200 million people in seven years (1346-1353). The world population before the plague was estimated to be 450 million.

Comment Re:It's not just low skilled labor (Score 3, Informative) 296

A sh!tty poorly thought out, poorly constructed failure of bill based on lies (you can keep your doctor) and bribes.

That's the proposal that the American Heritage Foundation came up with, originally implemented as RomneyCare in Massachusetts, and Obama took a page out of the Clinton playbook by coopting the Republican proposal as his own. Seven years later 24 million Americans have health insurance and the program cost two-third less than estimated. That's success. Failure would be the current Republican proposal to throw 26 million Americans off of health insurance and give the rich a $200K tax break.

Comment San Jose must be in the middle... (Score 1) 177

I pay $1466 for a studio apartment and make $50K+ per year in IT support in Palo Alto. If I had a car, it would take me 20 minutes in the morning and 45 to 90 minutes in the afternoon. By taking the express bus (one hour each way) for an extra $70 per month, I get read The Wall Street Journal in the morning and an ebook in the afternoon. Why drive when others can drive for you?

Comment Re:It's not just low skilled labor (Score 1) 296

His supporters think that he respects them and values them and will do his best to do common sense things that will help them.

Trump wanted to a sign a healthcare bill that would have thrown 26 million Americans off of insurance (a majority of his supporters, BTW) and give the rich a $200K tax break because they were funding ObamaCare for everyone else. Common sense dictates that throwing 26 million Americans off of health insurance is bad idea. Hence, the bill died without a vote in Congress. What part of F and U by the Republicans that you don't understand?

Comment Re:It doesn't take 7 billion people (Score 1) 296

Add in the children, and the variously-disabled, and otherwise incapacitated for work (e.g. incarcerated), and you're probably looking at 50% of the population which will be removed from that 7 billion figure when trying to figure out a labour force pool.

Another way to look at population is through the Social Security program. In the 1930's, there was 19 workers for every retiree, and most retirees on average died within five years of retirement. In the 2030's, there will be two workers for every retiree, and most retirees will outlive their retirement funds by 20 to 40 years. People who aren't concern about outliving their retirements are more likely at financial risk.

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