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Comment You lost me at "full gold" (Score 2) 160

I assume you mean a currency backed by gold. A modern economy can't do that. There isn't enough gold to back the currency needed for us to keep track of all the transactions we're doing. You run out and the system slows to a crawl and eventually collapses. Humans do more stuff than we have gold to track it with unless you're driven the exchange rate to the point of being meaningless (1 ounce gold = $1 trillion?). That's why we came off the gold standard. And frankly, we've got better things to do with gold (conductors) than let is sit around in brick form making nervous people feel comfortable about their access to wealth.

The only fault of communism is that you can never reach it's end state ( public ownership of the means of production ). Communism involves a massive transfer of ownership from the ruling class to the working class done in one fell swoop. Nobody's every pulled that off without ownership being transferred to a different ruling class instead. The closest I've seen is Venezuela, but they're a one trick pony (oil) so every time the price of it drops their entire country crashes. The correct answer is Social Democracy of the sort Obama & Hilary are trying to move us to. Very slowly, and very painfully, I might add, but trying nonetheless.

Comment Click bait x 1000 (Score 1) 160

Communism is like dropping the word "Nazi" but in reverse.

Besides, the goal isn't necessarily to maximize GDP. If it as North Korea would be doing more trading. For the ruling class the goal is to maximize their cut of GDP. For the left the goal is to raise everyone to the best standard of living possible within the limits of our tech. As for communism: doesn't work. Marx figured workers would seize the means of production and then distribute the result. The trouble is you never get past the "dictatorship" part in "dictatorship of the proletariat".

That's why Social Democracy exists. Instead of eliminating capitalism you just regulate the shit out of it. The system's biggest flaw is it's complex and it's easy to convince rubes it won't work because it like any real solution to a complex problem you're constantly fixing/tweaking/improving it. People want to believe they can fix something once and it'll never break again. That's where "conservativism" comes from.

Comment She's balancing out Bernie (Score 1) 300

Bernie got _lot_ of concessions in the party platform. Like it or not she's got to balance that with the party's right wing. There's not enough left wing voters to get her in office. Also speaking of "Like it or not" there's Wall Street to consider. You can't just pretend those guys don't exist. You'll lose.

Hilary's biggest problem is the same one Obama has: She's actually planning on governing. That means she has to compromise, form alliances and work within the system. The only way to really "tear down" the system is with horrible, horrible violence. That sounds nice when it's happening somewhere in the Middle East. Not so much when it's in your own city.

Comment Did anyone else think (Score 1) 28

Sonic Mania looks like a very nice kickstarter video? It's probably the constant appeals to nostalgia. What I real want is those Android ports of Sonic 1&2 that were done by the same team that did the Sonic CD remake to show up on Steam. Sonic CD looks fantastic on my TV, but I don't feel like buying an Android micro console for 2 games.

Also can we ditch the Dystopia theme for Sonic 2017? It's a Sonic game. It's OK to be bright and silly. Sonic Generations only had those levels because it borrowed them Sonic 2007, the worst game since ET 2600.

Comment With whose water (Score 1) 421

Dummy? That land is 8k for a reason. Where are you going to get water to grow food? There's a reason nobody settled there, ya know? The reason the America southwest was settled was the govt paid to irrigate and developer land. It wasn't bootstrappy capitalists. You know why house prices are going up? Developers ran out of free land they could build on that you and me paid for. Christ..

Comment Re:Users provide equipment for their own survellan (Score 1) 85

Perhaps you didn't realize that most people don't even want speakers to emit sound 24x7 in their electronics.

But if you do want to do both, the basic process isn't THAT amazingly complex. The ambient sound will be the difference between the signal from the preamp and the signal on speaker wire +/- some amplifier noise and gain adjustments.

Op-amps aren't all that exotic.

If you have the digital output available, you can skip all of that and just send the results of an AtoD converter with the speaker wire as an input and sort it all out in post-processing.

Your lack of imagination isn't a failure of understanding on my part.

Submission + - Pending bill would kill a big H-1B loophole (

ErichTheRed writes: This isn't perfect, but it is the first attempt I've seen at removing the "body shop" loophole in the H-1B visa system. A bill has been introduced in Congress that would raise the minimum wage for an H-1B holder from $60K to $100K, and place limits on the body shop companies that employ mostly H-1B holders in a pass-through arrangement. Whether it's enough to stop the direct replacement of workers, or whether it will just accelerate offshoring, remains to be seen. But, I think removing the most blatant and most abused loopholes in the rules is a good start.

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