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Comment Re:What Envirmental Wacko caused it? (Score 2) 307

No, the problem is a management that guesses that a substitution might be harmless. There is no way to design around that other than just saying anyone who makes an unauthorized substitution will lose a finger at least.

In this case, it shouldn't have been that hard to guess that organic matter wouldn't make a good substitution for inorganic clay.

Comment Re:Fuck mdsolar (Score 2, Insightful) 307

There's a lot of truth there. At least some of what is to be stored is perfectly good plutonium that could/should be loaded into a reactor and produce electricity for years but instead we're spending millions to throw it away. It makes about as much sense as building a facility to bury gasoline.

Comment Re:Tricks victims into reauthenticating (Score 1) 32

Unfortunately, some browsers will discover proxys as well. So if no proxy is in use, the bad guy can set one up and get everyone's browser to use it. That doesn't let them sniff the HTTPS traffic, but it does let them ask for a login. In a corporate environment, you can count on a lot of people entering their corporate login without a second thought.

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