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Comment Re:That's, for better or worse, for a court to dec (Score 1) 174

Without copyright law, someone else could grab my novel and start printing/selling their own copies of it.

You should look into Creator Endorsed.

Only asshole people will buy from a rip-off publisher. But asshole people will also elect a government that will enact things like a DMCA, so they're going to screw society either way as long as they have the government stick to wield. Not having the government-enforced copyright also eliminates problems like this Samsung* one, so you get multiple benefits from that strategy. It's risk-management, not risk-avoidance.

* guess whose phones I won't be buying again in the future?

Comment Re:Let's see what it really costs and what you get (Score 1) 21

I see $25-40 as a tough sell.

Yeah, I was paying that for all the channels I could watch on Dish Network, and I killed it because I didn't need yet another bill when the Internet has so much free and interesting content. And that was five years ago - why can't Google undercut that by half since they don't have to maintain a fleet of satellites and special hardware?

TV is for people who like the TV format now. There are just many other options than there were in the past and many people have rejected the TV programming model as uninteresting, given [better] options. But TV people will pay a lot of money for their preferred entertainment.

Comment Re:That's easy (Score 1) 398

My father grew up in an orphanage.
My mother grew up in a housing project.

I am college educated and own my home. Their hard work elevated us into the middle class. I have access to resources that my parents didn't and it's because they took part in the process of moving from the 'outside' to the 'inside'.


Comment Re: Uneducated voters, yay! (Score 2, Interesting) 403

There's a great study out showing that educated voters tend to prefer Hillary (and then Stein and Johnson on the upper end as levels max out).

The funny thing about the study though is that a plumber running his own business with a dozen employees is "uneducated" while a Ph.D. in Gender Studies working the counter at Panera is "educated".

YMMV, read the fine print .

Comment I hate football (Score 4, Insightful) 185

but I have to say that coaches like Belichick are the reason why the NFL feels the need to take such precautions. If they didn't, some coach would get the idea to use spotters and/or directional mics to eavesdrop on opposing teams and send the information to the coach, who would then relay it to the men on the field.


Comment Re:The war on speech is already being waged.... (Score 1) 376

No it's not, because everbody KNOWS the first one really means the second one.

No, everyone doesn't know that because it's not true.

The term for that is 'dog whistles' - when you say words that incite violence and disguise it *just enough* that you'll be hard to convict in a court while making damn sure nobody is mistaken about what you meant.

Most of us understand what dog whistles are and people of all political persuasions make use of them. If the words do not directly convey the message, you're talking about Thought Crime. I'm not willing to go down that road and fortunately, I still have the right to vote based on that position.

Besides which - pain is not the issue, actual neural scarring is. Which has been proven to be a potential consequence from a pattern of abusive words.

Citation Needed


Comment Re:Old ways work (Score 2) 185

They should definitely keep using the old stuff until they figure out how to build something that is actually a useful replacement. I've never managed an aircraft carrier flight deck, but I imagine it would be pretty useful (and probably have some good knock on effects) if you could see more than just the deck RIGHT NOW. What if you could see it ten minutes ago, yesterday, trend out what moves where and when, have pre-loaded configurations (including least cost pathfinding) to respot equipment...

Yeah, I don't have any trouble believing that whatever LockMart delivered was a piece of shit, but "nuts and bolts on a board" is not the end all be all.

Comment Re:It's a way of pointing a finger (Score 3, Insightful) 79

Based on what I've seen in other cases, it seems to me like those fees are broken out so that a finger can be pointed at someone else and used for leverage. In other words, "Don't like that cost? It's all the FCC's fault", or something like that.

FWIW, the finger needs pointing. There was an issue with Viacom vs Dish a couple of years ago where Dish stopped carrying CBS. Huge screams in the media and from customers, finger pointing by both sides, but in the end it comes down to this:

In the past, the FCC mandated that cable and satellite companies carry broadcast stations in the local markets (not too big a problem on the cable side, but a big PITA on the satellite side). The deal was mandated carriage vs no license fees, and it was (in general) a fair one. Fast forward and the networks decided that since they were now entrenched, it was time to get paid by the evil cable/satellite companies "free riding" on their content.

The fact that it's a hidden fee is bullshit (the total should match the advertised rate + tax) but the fee definitely needs to be broken out separately, because charging to rebroadcast an advertising supported network in the very area they're giving the signal away for free is also complete bullshit.

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