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Comment Con or Confirm (Score 5, Insightful) 244

Goodenough & Helena Braga surely know they were going to be painted bright orange as frauds without additional proof.

They surely know they had to follow up with a public display of a cell under charge, then discharge cycles with component weights and measurements to confirm the claims.

Anything else would be a lifelong purgatory in an engineering gulag of con artists.

Comment Don't forget DATA SPEED (Score 2) 61

I stood outside of Starbucks with a friend the other day with my iPhone on ATT and his on TMobile.

He ran the "Speed Test" on his and I on mine. I am not kidding that TMobile had 10 times the speed.

Why? I am not sure. What I can tell you is that I went over my data plan last month and ever since, my data speed is throttled. ATT offers no clue.

I'm moving to TMobile!

Comment Re:Proof of Throttling? (Score 1) 62

OK, the data rates I saw when connecting my MacBook Pro via Hotspot to my iPhone 5s.

1. For years it was 200-800 KB/sec when connected
2. ATT sends me a note I am over my data limit and data transfer goes to 4-20 KB/sec
3. I go check out info at the ATT store and up my data plan
4. Data speeds still 4-20 KB/sec (Activity Monitor)
5. 2 More trips to ATT with all the excuses: Heavy cell traffic, Poor reception at your house, interference, etc. (even though nothing had changed at home)
6. Final ATT guy says "Let's reset your network connection in your iPhone." One restart and data connections routinely now go up to 200-900 KB/sec as needed.

Is that enough proof. It is just a data rate after all.

Comment Re:Proof of Throttling? (Score 0) 62

It took 3 trips to the ATT store before I got a guy who knew how to check and he said "You are definitely nowhere near over your limit." He agreed that 10-20KB/sec data on a hotspot connection to the iPhone was rediculous.

He then said "Have you tried resetting your Network Preferences?" I said "No, what's that." Go to "General" all the way to the bottom "Reset" and then to the middle of the page item "Reset Network Settings." It causes the phone to reboot and then the data speed was restored to 'normal' speeds.

The average ATT store employee has NO CLUE.

Comment ATT Loses BIG TIME! (Score 2, Interesting) 48

I went over my ATT data limit & they throttled my data. So I visited their store last week and then upped my data allowed.

But I am still throttled most of the time on both cellphone and hotspot. Takes a long time to get a connection. Sometimes takes a minute to get something starting to load (looking at Mac's Activity Monitor.) Very often I'm limited to 20-40 KB/sec. ATT guys don't have an answer. Time to move to TMobile.

Comment Rock/Earthen Dams in California (Score 2) 457

Guess how many of these quickly build damn dams exist in California.

The next 160 year cycle of Pineapple Express mega-floods is due in 2022. Geologists know the cycles from core sediments, which are indisputable.

Can they retrofit dams in time? Will they even try? Will it make any difference if they do retrofit? Will any bureaucrat get fired? I am betting NO.

Do the dam and water engineers already acknowledge this and the bureaucracy keep quiet on it, just like at Oriville Dam?

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