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Comment Re:Should have a Deep Impact.... (Score 1) 259

... given that among the authors of the Nature paper are R. C. Wolf and C. Biedermann.

Didn't those guys die in a car accident while frantically racing to report a comet that wouldn't impact for well over a year?

[ Truly, one of the dumbest moments in a movie full of dumb things. Though, I did enjoy: (a) Morgan Freeman's line, as the President, "Now, it may seem like we have each other over the same barrel, Ms Lerner, but it just seems that way." and (b) Téa Leoni's reaction when she figures out what E.L.E. means. ]

Comment Re: Who's to say? (Score 1) 95

Well, if you want to be pedantic (of course you do), heat isn't radiation. Black body radiation is a consequence of heat. And in point of fact the ionizing spectral components of the Sun's radiation generates over seventy-thousand cases of cancer in the US annually, and over ten thousand deaths. If there were an artificial radiation source that was that harmful we'd be right to be very concerned about it, that's substantially more than 3x the number of people who perished in 9/11 every single year.

The real issue here isn't people using linguistic short hand like "radiation" that Internet trolls can play "gotcha" with; it's people not understanding the difference between radiation per se, ionizing radiation, and radioactive fallout. Maybe you don't need to be a Nobel Prize-winning physicist to run the DoE, but you should at least be able to explain the difference between these things. And you'd certainly want anyone working in government to know the difference between preventable and non-preventable deaths.

Comment Re:That's the best reason to buy bitcoin (Score 1) 71

Requirements for banks to report questionable transactions became a lot more serious _after_ the change to Euro was completed.

That's bollocks. I was living in France when it happened and there were strict limits on changing Francs to Euro well in advance of the actual switch; they knew there was plenty of money stuffed in mattresses & teapots.

It caused a short term boost to home renovation & antiques market.

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