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Journal sillypixie's Journal: Wow you guys really have moved... 24

I'm not sure I can handle Multiply's roundish poofiness. But I'll be damned if that isn't where all the content & conversation has gone.

I prefer slashdot's sparse & compact setup. But I mostly just prefer to see what y'all are doing and thinking. As a result, I think I'll do my posting here to a reduced audience, and my conversing in both places. We'll see.

It freaks me out to see people's pictures. And correlating /. names is a bit challenging in some cases. And I hate having to read the conversation from the bottom up.

But I'm sure I'll get the hang of it. I've even almost got the itch to post an actual picture...

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Wow you guys really have moved...

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  • by ces ( 119879 )
    I would have been better had the crowd migrated to somewhere either with the best features of both, or at least a bit more slashdot like.

    You can read the conversations in threaded mode witch is a big help, but multiply has somewhat stupid options when it comes to comment notification which is annoying (no I really don't want my fucking email account flooded with a bunch of bs, just give me the same damn info on a web page)
    • Ya, Multiply's e-mail notification seems to be a bit borked lately. I ended up relying on their "My Multiply" thing instead, which is a bit annoying.

      The RSS also doesn't work too well, because it doesn't show full content for all messages if a message is restricted -- apparently there is no way to send login information via RSS AFAICS. That's kinda stoopid.

      Overall I rather like the features over there, though, especially the ability to post stuff inline. Gives it all a bit more personality.

      I also actu

      • by ces ( 119879 )

        Overall I rather like the features over there, though, especially the ability to post stuff inline. Gives it all a bit more personality.

        Hell there are a million and one sites with similar features. Almost any scoop site would have given us 90% of what we wanted (including inlining) with a much more slashdot like interface. Hell LiveJournal has most of what people seem to care about for that matter.

        That said I will say Multiply is a better implementation than MySpace, but that really isn't hard. After MySpace is just a bunch of poorly written ColdFusion running on windows and IIS of all things.

      • I tried the RSS at first, but that problem with restricted messages not showing up was too annoying. Now I get the emails sent to gmail and make them skip the inbox and tag them with "Circular Refuge", which works very well. When I get around to setting up my own email server, I will probably do something similar with a separate folder.

        Overall, Multiply isn't really my cup of tea, but I don't hate it, and I am willing to use it to keep up with the group (even if I am mostly just lurking).
  • You can avoid it about 80% by using an RSS reader (I like Google's). Course that's waht I did to slashdork too. :)
  • I'm not impressed by multiply. I actually find myself liking few people more- and some people less- when exposed to their lives in abrupt closeup. I liked slashdot's circle for its distance. It does seem to have moved, there are fewer outsiders, and i think this group may well have disintegrated for slashdotting purposes. :(

    I don't post stuff much publicly there and i don't post stuff from my own life on public mode. Email me if you want to see my few contentless posts and i'll tell you where they are.
    • by sparky4 ( 695739 ) *
      it makes me head swirl , Multiply.

        I am still working out how to lessen the amount of stuff that shows up from people who are not in the group and that I do not have time to read.

      I haven't been posting in either place much at all.
      • On the main "My Multiply" page, click on "custom" (directly underneath the "RSS info" link).
        From here, you can limit "your network" to people you have a direct connection to. Or, if really picky, to a named list of individuals.
    • I agree, I like the distance too. As it turns out, I prefer to use my imagination to fill in the blanks, instead of having to deal with that annoying reality stuff :)

      I would love to see whatever you write, I shall drop you an email right away.

  • I do have a multiply account and I do occasionally participate over there, but I haven't felt compelled to leave here. I still post my stuff here when I have time, which has not been much lately because of the job search.

    While finding a new landing pad was not necessarily a bad idea, I don't think muliply itself was the best place to go. I think had there been a little more time put into finding a better community, we all could have done much better.

  • I thought it was just everyone getting a life or something.

    Of course, people like Pix who don't answer their mail don't help!
  • I like the sparse Slashdot interface. It is easier to read. On the other hand, robi2106 put a series of pictures [] in Multiply, which was a really nice lunch break for me yesterday.

    I do see that the Slashdot lameness filter, and the "Slow down cowboy" ideas are inherently designed to tell the us users to piss off - so I understand why some people left. But I like the people here, and the interface, so I'm staying here more than Multiply.

  • I have used Livejournal, MySpace, Blogger, and slashdot and I think Multiply has the features I was looking for. I wanted better photo integration than myspace. I wanted no limits on comments like /. and I wanted less clutter than myspace. so far it has worked. Yes it is candy-ish and cheap looking. Hard to avoid that now days. But so far the email notification bit has been the only real problem with the site. it does take a little getting used to. like finding new messages by the odd relationship t
    • by nizo ( 81281 ) *
      You can turn off email notification for almost everything (which I did). After using it for awhile, I do like multiply, but still wish for a few things. I do feel like the move there has seriously split the group :-|
      • agreed. not a positive outcome. but I, like many others, was trying to find an alternative that was more "LJ-ish" in the ability to control who sees what, and a less restrictive posting environment (for code, for imbedded stuff, for all caps, for posts of "me too" every 5 seconds, etc).

        I still hit up the dot every day, I just don't post much to the journals. I was getting squat for comments any way so I obviously wasn't drawing many readers (or all my readers didn't feel the need to comment).

        So for me th
  • I love it.

    I actually prefer the Slashdot Journal System as well, but multiply isn't bad, so I have added it to my 11 (count em) tabs I open every day on firefox. On multiply I find i post more, but here I find I engage more in the conversation.

  • I tried initially to keep a presence at both locations, and figured I'd get used to multiply's different system. I wasn't commenting as much over there because its harder for me to keep track of what comments I've made. I really like /.'s comment page where I can simply see if someone's replied to one of my posts, and multiply either tells you nothing or spams your e-mail box (AFAIK). But I figured what the hell one day and made well over a dozen comments. Many of them were the only comments in people e
    • by nizo ( 81281 ) *
      Wow, I haven't seen comments disappear there, but other people's mileage may vary....

      If you look on your "My Multiply" page, in the upper right corner in the Message Summary box there will be a line with something like "Responses to your posts" or something like that (with a number), which is a link to a page with a list of responses to your posts :-) If no one has responded to your posts, the line won't appear at all, which is kind of annoying. Also in that same box is a line like "X posts by your contacts
      • So now its my fault that I didn't read that? Oh, yeah, I guess it is;-) I'll give it another shot, but I think my onlining will continue to slow down, too. There's just too much that I really want to accomplish and not enough time to do it in, ya know?
  • Since Multiply doesn't get through our Websense filter at work, /. is where I'll stay. What's the point of this stuff without the office escapism?
    • You have totally hit the nail on the head.

      At least when I surf the dot, I kinda can pretend to myself that I'm staying in touch with workish things...

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