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Comment Words from others (Score 1) 18

I have the whole day off
'Cause it's a Saturday
There is a bluegrass band
Somewhere along the bay
Look at the lilacs bloom
Here am I painting the living room

I hear the bluebird sing
Don't let the day go by
Look at the blossoms blow
Over the blue blue sky
Oh with a wild perfume
Why am I painting the living room?

(Lou and Peter Berryman, "Why am I painting the living room?")

I had the luxury of having free time and energy last weekend, so I went to Great Smoky Mountains National Park to chill. I wound up climbing up to Chimney Tops on Saturday, which is a 1700 foot climb over 2 linear miles. It was Wednesday before my legs felt normal again... but I got some great pics from the end of the trail (not quite the top, I refused to try to climb the 50 feet of shale outcrop... I want to put the pics and video on Multiply but I don't know when I'll have time to do this).

The opportunity presented itself, and I went. Don't let opportunities pass you by, you'll feel a whole lot better.

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