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Comment Re:We need this (Score 1) 55

Seriously, we need people actively looking into making those new type of batteries instead of just researching them and never do anything with the research, like we've seen for the past 5 to 10 years.

That's right! That's why my cell phone which uses more power than my cell phone of 10 years ago with a battery less than a third the size lasts significantly longer - because everyone's been "never doing anything with the research", right?

Good research results make news. Their employment in commercial products generally doesn't.

Comment Re:They actually want to kick appliances off. (Score 1) 137

I don't "misunderstand" anything, that is exactly what the device did. It didn't precool anything, it didn't ramp anything down, it just randomly shut off when too many people had their AC on (aka, when it was hottest). And in Iowa in July, even if you did know when it was about to go off and tried to "precool" (which I assure you, does not work well), you'd be burning up long before the AC kicks back in.

Comment Re:Sour Grapes (Score 2) 29

I don't really understand how this benefits Spotify as it doesn't improve the service in any way that I can see, and such a move likely makes it worse for users for petty business reasons that have nothing to do with the users.

In the short term, the only negative impact would be if the songs they're demoting are extremely popular and if the public perceives their absence as a loss in quality. Given the size of the musical corpus these days, that seems unlikely.

In the long term, this serves notice to content creators that there's no such thing as a free lunch. Normally, those content creators would have to balance the cost of exclusivity (fewer plays on those exclusive songs) against the benefits (presumably dramatically improved promotion and possibly higher royalty per click. With this policy in place, those content creators have to factor in the loss of the vast majority of their income from the other providers—not just on new content, but also on old content. That significantly changes the balance in a way that discourages these exclusive deals.

And that's a good thing. Vendor exclusivity is inherently anti-consumer.

Comment Re:No, but... (Score 1) 274

Oh, the GOP today is a lost cause. I expect them to go the way of the Whigs at this point. BTW, if you don't know Chester Arthur, read up on him - best president since Lincoln IMO. If Trump had a VP pick like Arthur, I'd vote for him (given Trump would almost certainly be assassinated like Garfield was, and for the same reasons).

Believe what you want about Planned Parenthood, I'm not going to argue about it, but if you haven't watched the undercover video interviews about them harvesting fetus organs for quite a hefty profit on the side, you really should - it wasn't an isolated incident. Surely a different organization could provide these services.

And don't try to present bizarre Christian cults as mainstream, unless you're consistent and also claim that all Muslims support terrorism. Any large movement will have its fringe, and that doesn't represent the mainstream (well, except PETA, they're fucked up).

freaks out over birth control being provided for by health insurance,

BTW, I've never met a conservative who would stand by that. What they take offense at is business owners who object to it on religious grounds being forced to provide such. The state compelling you to take action against your moral principles (not merely refrain from action) crosses a line we should care about regardless of the issues, or at least those few Americans who still believe in limited government should care.

Comment Re:Not until the laws are changed (Score 1) 136

Under 32 hours and the law would say no benefits are required.

That's not true. You're required to pay for health insurance for anyone working 30 hours or more. Similarly, you're not allowed to restrict 401k for any employer working more than 1,000 hours per year (a little over 19 hours per week).

They could cut the number of sick days or vacation days offered, but that's probably roughly the maximum extent to which they could reduce benefits other than salary.

Comment Re:They actually want to kick appliances off. (Score 2) 137

If you're willing to lose your AC during the hottest part of the day, then you might as well not have AC at all. So there's no reason to get such a device, you might as well just sell your AC.

"Pre-cooling" a house does not work. In the hottest part of the day it was enough of a challenge for the AC to just keep up.

Comment Re:No, but... (Score 1) 274

Margret Sanger matters because she established the organizations that evolved into Planned Parenthood. Originally, it was explicitly a eugenics program, and it's operating today pretty much as intended then. Oh, sure, people usually claim different motivations for funding it, but that doesn't change the fact it's doing what the founders wanted it to do (as much as any large organization ever does).

almost everybody was racist and eugenics were extremely popular in that era.

The Republicans were still leading the charge for human rights and equality in Sanger's day, and eugenics was extremely popular with the progressive left, not generally.

It's still quite a popular notion on the left that the world has too many people and people should have fewer children to reduce the population, especially people in certain areas of the world. It's never phrased as "those lesser peoples should stop having so many kids", but the desired result is the same.

Comment Another late submission/question (Score 1) 31

Another late submission/question:

True random/shuffle play.

Maybe things have changed but ever since Napster/MP3 came along, I've never seen a true shuffle. If you have 100 songs, they will not be played equally. Random is not.

Is VLC random/shuffle truly random?

Only way I can see it happening, for sure, is what I call forced random. Use existing randomness algorithm, and then save the result(s). So if song 17 is the first one played, make a note of that in a file or wherever. Then, for the next song you are looking for rand(1...100) | !17 -- and that code is designed to not work in any language.

Eventually you have a file with 99 entries, and it is only missing, say, 65. You play 65 and then wipe the file to start again.

The point is that, without a true random, there is no point in having a large playlist, as the bigger the playlist, the worse this problem is.

So, anyway, is VLC a truly random player? Or, even better, a forced random player...because it could be truly random while running, then when you close it and open it, it plays the same song again.

Comment Re:They actually want to kick appliances off. (Score 2, Informative) 137

I once lived in Iowa when I lived in the US, and my then-spouse signed us up for one of those programs without consulting me first. I just came home one day and the AC was no longer operating when it was hottest. Utterly, utterly miserable, and I had to wait weeks to get the thing disconnected. Why would anyone willingly choose to have one of those things in their home?

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