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It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - John Edwards Second Life HQ Flooded with Feces

silentounce writes: "The Table of Malcontents reports that late Monday, February 26, John Edwards Second Life Campaign HQ was attacked by cyber-vandalists. 'They plastered the area with Marxist/Lenninist posters and slogans, a feces spewing obsenity, and a photoshopped picture of John in blackface.' Related post on John Edwards blog.

Stories like the above and this make me almost want to visit Second Life."

Submission + - HP's Advance Breathes New Life into Moore's Law

silentounce writes: Scientific American and other sources report that "researchers at Hewlett-Packard Co. have devised a way to make a specialized type of computer chip up to eight times denser using nanotechnology, in a development that could extend the life of current chipmaking technologies." They call the new technology a "field programmable nanowire interconnect (FPNI)". They've created a switch that can route info more efficiently inside a FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array), a specific kind of chip. "We essentially provided a recipe to improve the circuitry of FPGA's by the equivalent of three generations of Moore's law without having to shrink the transistor," says Stan Williams, a senior fellow and director of quantum science research at HP's research laboratory.

Submission + - Brain Wave Controlled Robot Developed

silentounce writes: "Discovery News reports about technology being developed that allows a human to control a robot's actions by thought. A computer acts as a relay system as the subject focuses on a specific image. The computer "detects" that focus and instructs the robot of the action to take. According to the article "the thought commands are limited to a few basic instructions. But so far, the robot responds to those instructions with 94 percent accuracy."

Let me be the first to welcome our thinking human overlords."

Submission + - Scientists Debate Existence of Dark Force

silentounce writes: "George Musser reports in the editor blog at Scientific American about a discussion at the annual conference of the American Astronomical Society that kicked off today. According to Musser, "Glennys Farrar of New York University described some startling hints of a fifth force of nature." Apparently, one of the galactic clusters shown in this famous picture is moving too fast to be explained by current physics models. I guess Farrar would rather believe that it's a mysterious "dark force" as opposed to just some missing matter or other data for which they didn't account.

No word yet on whether or not the scientific community has found evidence for the Profound Darkness."

Submission + - Wired News 2006 Vaporware Awards

silentounce writes: "Wired News has released the winners of its 9th annual Wired News Vaporware Awards. I won't list any of them in the summary because I don't want to spoil anyone's surprise. They have some interesting entries, one that is more a concept of a product than an actual product. I'm not sure how you can claim something is vaporware if it hasn't even been given a specific name or a developer yet, but apparently they think they can. I don't quite agree with number four either but I guess they couldn't come up with anything better, or maybe I'm just really excited about its pending release. And as an added bonus, the list is only three pages!!!"

Submission + - AMC to Remake The Prisoner

silentounce writes: "AMC has purchased rights to remake The Prisoner . Sky One, a British satellite TV network, will partner with AMC in the development. I really hope they don't ruin this one. The original show was groundbreaking and one of the first programs to fit into the mindfuck genre.

From the article:
'"Instead of looking to reality television and game shows for programming, AMC is investing more aggressively than ever before in event originals like The Prisoner, and it is our mission to bring new life to these classic genres while ensuring that a cinematic style of story-telling is developed on television," AMC general manager and executive vice president Charlie Collier said in a prepared statement.'"
It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - Israeli Army Says D&Ders Are Delusional

silentounce writes: "A blog over at Wired reports on an old article from 2005. Apparently, the Israeli military is discriminatory of D&Ders. Being a gamer can exclued you from certain positions and hurt your career. Even though it's old news, it's still quite amusing.

From the article:
'"These people have a tendency to be influenced by external factors which could cloud their judgment," a military official says. "They may be detached from reality or have a weak personality — elements which lower a person's security clearance, allowing them to serve in the army, but not in sensitive positions."'
Also, 'exposing soldiers who play the game could result in the soldiers being sent to a military psychologist or even being kicked out of the army.'

So, if you're an Israeli, and want to avoid military service, I've got a PBEM game you can join."

Submission + - Russia Wants in on NASA Moon Plan

silentounce writes: "Discovery reports that Russia has expressed interest in participating in NASA's lunar plans. Russia is already involved in China's space program.

From the article:
'Panarin said Russia could cooperate with both the United States and China in lunar research, dismissing allegations of a possible rivalry. "Space research is a vast field with plenty of room for every nation," he said.'

A Russian news source reports that "the Russian Federal Space Agency has published information on domestic Moon programme on the official website of the programme."

If anyone speaks Russian, a summary from the program on their website would be appreciated."

Submission + - I Think I Can! Train Controlled by Brain

silentounce writes: "'Hitachi has successfully tested a brain-machine interface that allows users to turn power switches on and off with their mind.'

They also claim that they will be able to make this tech commercially available in about five years.

No word yet on whether or not you will be able to shunt trucks and haul freight with the same interface."

Submission + - Yahoo and HP "Link" Up to Face Competitors

silentounce writes: "Two challengers, Yahoo and HP, link in hopes to win market share over their rivals, Google and Dell. Yahoo will become the default search engine in newly shipped HP computers and the Yahoo Toolbar will be standard. The theory behind this so-called competitive advantage is that 'People don't change their settings very often.' Yahoo had previously made a similar deal with Acer. Google has already partnered with Dell and Adobe for placements in their products."

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