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Comment Re:Being a satirist means acting like a dick. (Score 1) 885

But that doesn't change the fact he attempted satire and failed.

ooh, please tell us more about this Objective Humor Determining Machine you've hands on.


Now you can take it for granted that no matter how clear the joke, there will be some people who don't get it. It always happens. Successful humor, however, is understood as funny by its target audience. Therefore when a jokester is surprised when people he expected to get the joke didn't, he has failed.

Comment Re:Death To All Jews (Score 5, Insightful) 885

His point was that it takes very little to get people to openly proclaim beliefs they don't hold.

And that needed to be proven, because.... ? Or is this just one of those bullshit "social experiments" where Youtubers get to act like assholes because they're holding a camera to record what happens?

Youtube is a cesspit of wannbes trying to outdo each other in shock value, while avoiding getting banned by Youtube, all for the views. PewDiePie was just another one playing the game, but he got burned. He paid people desperate for money to do something stupid, and then pretends to be shocked that they actually did it. That way he gets to claim he's not really responsible, while being the one who conceived it, paid for it, videoed it, uploaded it and collected the ad revenue.

Comment Huh? (Score 1) 71

"once they had accepted employment there, handed them resignation letters"

Isn't resignation something the employee hands to the employer, not the other way around? Am I missing something here, or is this just shoddy journalism?

Comment Being a satirist means acting like a dick. (Score 5, Insightful) 885

But a very carefully targeted one. The people who get ridiculed have to really deserve the dickish treatment. You can take a cheap shot, but you can never punch down.

Now I've seen the infamous video and I totally get it. It's a good point, but it totally fails as satire because he ended up screwing with, and then harming the guys in the video, who almost certainly have no idea the significance of what they're doing. How many Jews are in India? About five thousand individuals out of a billion. Zoroastrians are almost 30 times more common in the US as Jews are in India, particularly rural India.

Now he's totally right that the media is stupid, block-headed and hypocritical, and has neither the ability nor inclination to understand him. But that doesn't change the fact he attempted satire and failed. That makes him, at least in this incident, just a dick.

Comment Re:Well you would choose Manchester By the Sea (Score 1) 52

Don't worry. You are a special, unique snowflake. If people can't understand you, they are racist.

Actually people who don't understand me are usually idiots. Some of them are blockheads. Funnily enough racists understand me fine, they just don't like what I have to say.

Comment Re:So how is this any different than before? (Score 4, Interesting) 205

Well, "free market" used this way is a glittering generality. Most people who use it aren't referring to the technical economic sense in which individual consumers and producers make consumption, production and pricing decisions autonomously. What they typically mean would be better described something in the direction of anarcho-capitalism, although many are somewhat selective in their application of that philosophy (e.g. they aren't for the free market determining the number of abortions performed, birth control pills dispensed, or marijuana grown).

Comment A good manager should know when there's a problem. (Score 4, Interesting) 158

Years ago I developed an early mobile computer app (on palm pilots) for use in field work (exotic vegetation control, mosquito control, that kind of thing). And the supervisors would often warn me that the workers were unhappy and hostile toward the idea of a new system.

So I'd take the field guys aside and talk over their concerns. Inevitably the question would come up whether their supervisors would be tracking their movements all through day. I'd assure them that no, the system couldn't tell if you stopped to grab a cup of coffee or take a whiz, but I warned them that it would give management a very precise assessment of how much work each individual worker actually accomplished.

And here's the thing: everyone was OK with that. They didn't mind being evaluated on accomplishment, they just didn't want to be treated like children or judged by some bullshit metric.

As a manager you need data, but you shouldn't have a bias toward easily obtained data. Someone who is on top of his employees' performance doesn't need an ass-in-chair time tracker, unless an employee's actual function is simply to sit on a chair.

If you're really doing your job as boss, the people who report to you won't be worried about being tracked. They'll worry about doing a good job. Because when they do a good job, you notice, and when they do a bad job, you notice... and promptly. Nobody is going to think you're judging them on bathroom breaks.

Comment Re:Big news in California... (Score 1) 455

It should be big news. There's a 15,000 acre reservoir behind that 750 foot dam; if the level of the reservoir drops 30 feet, that's 450,000 acre-feet, or a half billion cubic meters of water. Depending on the speed of the spillway failure that could well be the largest dam-related disaster in US history. For comparison the Jonestown Flood was only 18 million cubic meters. The Saint Francis Dam disaster involved a reservoir of only 47 million cubic meters.

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