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Comment Re:Kek (Score 1) 303

You do realize, that a considerable chunk of those women know that definition of feminism, but reject it.

They'll often believe in egalitarianism, but feminism has too much focus on females in the word it to actually be considered what that dictionary definition has down.

To purposefully associate "feminine" with "fair" I think is pretty ironically sexist.

As part of believing in equality, shouldn't gender neutral terms to describe gender neutral things be a part of their goals?

And so to be for equality, you'd actually be against the use of the term feminism as it is sexist.

Comment Re:Huge flaws in their analysis (Score 1) 303

Peoples lack of attention to details like you've described seem to be a considerable problem.

I find commonly the responses from going into detail into the problems with articles like this are "YOU HATE WOMEN" and other things along those lines.

I've yet to find a way to get people actually interested in the details, rather than spewing forth knee-jerk hatred.

Comment Re:DirectX (Score 1) 281

actually native directx on linux is quite feasible, especially with the way the graphics stack has been going in linux

All you need is the proper state tracker in gallium. Which has been around for a while, granted it's likely nowhere near bug free. But it is certainly native directx to the hardware rather than translation layers to a different api like wine is.

Comment Re: the Qt is vastly superior to .net (Score 2) 223

As you point out, Qt 4 broke source compatibility in a major way -- so obviously it is not the kind of showstopper you suggest it should be.

The transitional period was quite painful for a great number of projects. It was only done because it was a necessary evil at the time.

Compatibility is not something people should jump at the chance to break if it can be avoided unless there is sufficient benefit. It has been judged that there is insufficient benefit to doing so currently.

Comment Re:Full benefits & Full responsibility (Score 1) 227

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rv-mFSoZOkE> Anything that is radioactive enough to be of a concern can be re-used as fuel.

This whole "but the nuclear waste!" propaganda is nothing but a farce. Let us reprocess the fuel, and we will get every joule of energy out of it we can, and the "waste" becomes rare and expensive elements we current dig up whole swathes of country to find.

Comment Re:Nothing important. (Score 1) 203

as well as being more motivated to do more with her life then being a housewife.

Education without allowing people to question things is otherwise known as indoctrination. If a woman highly values being a housewife, I see no reason to not let her do so.

A lot of people seem to have this mentality of "if they knew what I did/ if they were more enlightened they would make the same choices as me" people are allowed to make different choices in life. There are trade-offs to every decision. What people truly value can be arbitrary.

Comment Re:Time for men's liberation (Score 1) 369

That means we are more likely to be expected to make career and life sacrifices in order to have a family.

Career sacrifices fair enough, but life sacrifices? To many people being a wage slave is not necessarily a good life, and it has been shown repeatedly that a lot of women prefer having a healthier work-life balance than men do.

Managers will expect women with children to take off more time for things like doctor's appointments and will (perhaps unwittingly) take that into consideration when doling out promotions etc.

A majority of women tend to put their children as a higher priority than work (there is more to life than work). If managers notice this tendency in an employee, how is it a problem putting the person more dedicated towards work first?

Raising kids is hard work, sacrifice, expensive and life-long. If you can't even hack the process of finding the person who wants to try to do it with you, what does that say?

A lot of guys are willing to take the time and effort. But the risks and lop-sidedness if the woman decides to leave at a whim can be too high. A growing number of men are becoming aware of the increasing risks involved in partnering with a woman, and after a certain point the risks are not worth the reward.

Quite a few men are willing to try regardless of the risks of course, but in the cases where it doesn't pan out they are often left destitute to the point of suicide. To some people that risk is worth the reward, to others, it's not worth their life.

Comment Re:Pulseaudio misconceptions (Score 1) 755

and the default of 350hz timer, and pulse works just fine for that.

Funnily enough, jack works just fine too for consumer grade setups.. and you're willing to have 4milliseconds latency like most people use, no kernel recompilation is necessary, just permissions for realtime threads needs to be enabled.

Comment Re:Pulseaudio misconceptions (Score 2) 755

Jack existed prior to, and has superior functions for (except for one use-case, high latency low power) everything that pulseaudio does.

When pulseaudio was in development I observed some conversation between poettering and a lead jack developer. It became quite clear that poetterring had little to no idea why some of the design decisions being made at the time were quite crazy. Admittedly some aspects were fixed over the years since pulseaudios adoption, but the immense pain they created from the beginning was unnecessary.

It really did come down to a combination of "not invented here" and "tablets are the future! fuck desktops" when pulseaudio was being made.

Comment Re:That's why the Nintendo PlayStation died (Score 1) 60

I don't see how. There isn't enough bandwidth over the Super NES cartridge bus to refill video memory every frame.

There is, but not quite at the full frame size. This is why starfox has borders, it actually does this.

Another cartridge that did this was the Super Gameboy. There is a literal entire gameboy chipset in there, and it is copying the video output to the snes in realtime (again, not the full screen though, there's a border)

Comment Re:Crop + correction makes this pointless (Score 4, Informative) 192

but fixing these effects in the lens is pointless now. The computer can do it better.

You can't fix spatial frequency response with software.

Your picture quality is limited by the worst of the sensor and lens.

There is no use having a kick-ass sensor with shitty optics, and no use having great optics with a shitty sensor.

In regards to the small cameras like on the iphone 6, there are serious limitations in having a sensor so physically small. Having such a small sensor makes lens design for it a great deal easier, but you're paying the price in light collection ability and overall resolution as the system will be limited by diffraction effects far sooner.

Large sensor sites are beneficial in many circumstances, if you have the same amount of pixels in a full 35mm frame and a 1/2.3" system, the 35mm will come off looking far better with a lens to suit.

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