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Comment Re:Better be ready to be beat up when layed off wo (Score 1) 541

How do we NOT support breeding?

Turns out that developed countries have the opposite problem. At least one European country has produced ads to get people to have kids, and Japan is in desperate straits due to the lack of "breeders".

The solution is, DON'T force masses of people to live in squalor.

Comment Re:This is a Good Thing... and we aren't prepared. (Score 1) 400

I think even basic income is a crutch that will eventually stop working.

If you're a factory owner, for instance, and you're cranking out product to sell to people who get the money for free, how long until you decide to stop essentially giving away your products and retool the factory to produce only for yourself?

Comment Re:Surprised? (Score 1) 140

Trademarks have to be defended because it's not just about the property of the trademark owner. It's also about the public being able to know what they're getting. If any software developer could call their product "Microsoft Widgets" then there would be extreme confusion over products. So the onus is put on the owner of the trademark - either defend it, or that word is going to become generic.

Comment Re:tax the rich (Score 1) 1145

Nothing about getting that much money away from the rich is simple. There's a saying - politics is like water on cement - it finds every crack and crevice. The very very rich already have an army of accountants and lawyers whose sole job is to find every loophole that will let them keep as much money as they can, along with an army of lobbyists to make sure the laws you suggest either never get passed or are riddled with loopholes to the point that they're meaningless.

I'm not saying there's no solution, but I am saying there's no EASY solution.

Comment Re:End government theft and poverty will go away (Score 1) 1145

The only good thing I can see in this is that it used to be much much worse. The very rich (nobles, kings, the high up clergy, etc) essentially sold the service of not murdering people, in exchange for complete and total servitude. Nowadays there are very big threats (too big to fail, etc), but instead of outright military force they use extremely complicated financial rules to fool people instead.

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