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Comment Re:Can we have this problem, please? (Score 1) 231

While I agree that most people would do well to cut out expenditures for things that they really don't need and don't make them any happier and investing the money instead, a person with $10 in their pocket and no debt is wealthier than 25% of Americans. They're not about to start investing in anything, let alone a commercial power plant.

Though I should look at putting some more money into a solar company after the last one I invested in got bought out...

Comment Re:And then those employees burn down your restaur (Score 1) 1023

- You wont need the space or restroom facilities for a crew.
- Without people Minimal HVAC will be required.

Minor quibble, but the fast food places and restaurants I've seen only have one set of bathrooms for both customers and staff, so you can't get rid of those. Similar issue with HVAC.

Comment Re:Yeah, Everyone Under Thirty (Score 1) 372

Or shift to a paradigm of only selling to other people who have hordes of robots. And any poor person who miraculously manages to make some money. Everybody else can starve for all they care.
Oh, and in response to the idea that the poor will go all French Revolution on the rich? Robotic turrets set to kill anything that moves outside the wall.

Comment Re:Stop with the false dichotomy (Score 1) 1080

It's also not even that useful for those at the top. The post war years showed that when you have an economic system where people go to work every day to add to the pool of assets in a society, rather than fight each other over the assets that exist, everyone can literally live like a king.

It depends on their goal. If they want to objectively increase their standard of living over what it was previously, then maybe you're right. If they want to ensure that they stay at the top, then keeping everyone else below them is essential.

Comment Re: The only thing it will do (Score 2) 866

I find it quite unsettling that your go to is a fast food joint.

You find it unsettling that it's well known that fast food jobs pay poorly and are generally unpleasant? Why? Were you not aware of this?

Why are we thinking about giving people money they did not earn instead of fixing this situation so that meaningful job opportunities exist and we don't need this form of corporate welfare?

Right from the summary:

For the first time in the history of technology more jobs are destroyed than created. Technical progress means that more and more high-paying jobs will disappear and thus shrink the middle class.

Comment Re: The only thing it will do (Score 2, Insightful) 866

Wrong. A UBI would put every worker, especially the ones on the lower end of the payscale, in a MUCH better negotiating position. If any fast-food CEO tried this he could expect to see every single bottom-level fast food worker quit instantly. This would be much more of a nightmare than even them all unionizing.

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